Honda Accord Engine Noise.AVI

Just purchased 1993 Honda Accord SE Coupe. F22A6 engine with 348,000 KM's (216K miles). Valves recently adjusted but no difference to clatter. Engine runs fine; plugs proper colour; decent oil consumption but too noisy. Similar to other Accords of this vintage, so maybe typical of this genre.

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Honda Accord engine noise - (problem or not?)
Some owners are complaining about exessive noise in these cars, so is it fault or is it normal? Well, If you have one of these cars and you're worried about the noise, just don't! This engine sounds 100% healthy!! Honda uses direct injection engine with a timing chain in this car, so it's a bit more noisy than an engine with a timing belt. On the other-hand if you plan to keep this car for around a decade and do 200-300k miles, Honda will be saving you some money with this engine as there is no timing belt to replace every 60-70k or so. A timing chain is unlikely to go bad before the 300k miles mark, just remember to change your oil on time every time.

Found the noise in the Honda engine
Okay, not adjust the valves. Put the new muffler on. New tires, inspection sticker. Then get this little beast out of my garage...

Honda accord whats that noise?
I'm sorry for the video quality. Lol im hearing a noise when cold start up but goes away in like 15- 40 seconds. You can hear more by the intake manifold. Do I need valve adjustment our its out something else?