Dodge Neon vs Jetta Bicentenario

Dodge neon 1996 dohc stock vs jetta bicentenario 2011

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srt 4 vs jetta gli
Mods srt-4: wotbox-2 step AGP wastegate @18 psi Catless Mods GLI: Downpipe 3" Escape 3" silenciador greddy CAI WAI Labonte Unitronic stage 2 software Poleas aligeradas


mk6 GTI REVO stg 2 vs mk6 GLI APR stg 2
Ran up to this guy in a sweet sounding GLI, we do a little chasing and then did a couple of runs. thumbs up at the end for VW enthusiasts :) 1st run: apr takes the jump but revo catches up, then its pretty even and like an idiot i accidentally stopped recording, on this run i kept my 4 windows down and had one passenger. apr eventually pulled a nose on revo at the end 2nd run: started even, finished quite even. i did feel apr had the edge on me but then again I had +1 in the car. REVO GTI: atp 3" downpipe revo stage 2 software neuspeed p-flo intake res delete APR GLI: "full bolt-ons" and let the REVO vs APR trolling begin...

Dodge Neon VS Jetta Bicentenario
Dodge Neon Stock 130hp vs Jetta Bicentenario DSG 170hp