Jim Jonsin PBOC Race Winterfest Sebring 1:11.m4v

Jim Jonsin in my first Race Start driving a 2007 Porsche 997 Cup Car at Sebring PBOC Winterfest Event 2011 i never got a chance to Qualify due to Tire issue's look for Buckey Lasek's 130mph Blow Out that was the same car on the same day of qualifying and we both raced with no right rear Quarter panel and the same set of Hoosiers Practice, Qualify and race, BTW the Hoosiers aren't the Brand that Blew out on us we had two brand new sets of ......... and Bucky's right rear tire blew out and my fronts we seperating after 30 min of use SCARY!!!!!

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Sebring PBOC Winterfest race 1-16-2011
Bucky Lasek racing a 07 Porsche 997 Cup car at Sebring PBOC Winterfest event. Qualifying 17th out of 33 and finishing 6th overall/2nd in class. Ran 2:14 lap times during the race on tires that were practiced, qualified, raced on the day before and also qualified on for this race.

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