Jim Jonsin PBOC Race Winterfest Sebring 1:11.m4v

Jim Jonsin in my first Race Start driving a 2007 Porsche 997 Cup Car at Sebring PBOC Winterfest Event 2011 i never got a chance to Qualify due to Tire issue's look for Buckey Lasek's 130mph Blow Out that was the same car on the same day of qualifying and we both raced with no right rear Quarter panel and the same set of Hoosiers Practice, Qualify and race, BTW the Hoosiers aren't the Brand that Blew out on us we had two brand new sets of ......... and Bucky's right rear tire blew out and my fronts we seperating after 30 min of use SCARY!!!!!

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Rebel Rock Racing Winterfest
Coming from the back after I missed qualifying.

Sebring PBOC Winterfest race 1-16-2011
Bucky Lasek racing a 07 Porsche 997 Cup car at Sebring PBOC Winterfest event. Qualifying 17th out of 33 and finishing 6th overall/2nd in class. Ran 2:14 lap times during the race on tires that were practiced, qualified, raced on the day before and also qualified on for this race.

PBOC Winterfest 2010 Sebring PART 1 - Massive Motorsport Lifestyle
Part 1: Sebring. -- January 13-17, 2010 -- PBOC's held is 17th Annual Winterfest Cup Races and Enthusiast drivers event at one of the oldest and most challenging sports car racing tracks in the Country. Bob Varela founded PBOC club in 1998. Since then, the club has grown to become one of the country's premier club racing sanctioning bodies and an authority on high-performance driving and club racing events. In January, PBOC produced another well run and safe track experience at speed. The amenities available to spectators and car lovers were increased, and the format was expanded to include a number of exciting features and activities. The regular format of cup races and drivers ed. were maintained and definitely enhanced. (Refer to PBOC event schedule posted) It was from Wednesday, January 13 to Sunday, January 18. This track event was planned to gather racers, drivers - students, fans, and car lovers to have a good time while watching and having access to real race cars and their drivers in the paddock and pits. They watched street cars run around the track with drivers living out their dreams to drive at speed under the best instruction. It did not disappoint. There were over 300 registered drivers which expanded to over 4000 guests for the mid-week to weekend event at the Historic Sebring track venue. Racers and drivers from all across the country have participated in the Winterfest Event. A Massive Motorsport "Winners Circle" held in honor of the winner of the 6 hour enduro lasted into the night as the Canadians enjoyed the drinks provided. There were members of over 10 different car clubs and 16 different tuners present and participating in the Racing and Drivers Education. PBOC displayed its organizational skills in putting on a well run, incident free, and smooth and exciting race event. In its Bigger and more extravagant format it provided some challenges, to accommodate the growth of another successful year. This Annual event was celebrated in style. We came together on this event to kick off the weekend with an Opening Ceremony, parade with models, race cars, pace cars, Emergency vehicles and a national anthem salute, by nationally known singer Karla Marie Perez. The presentation of the flag, the cars and the anthem, took the emotions of the event to a new high. After which, the various drivers/participants meetings took place. With RENNtech and Dinan cars on display accented by MassiveMP Models, video, WIFI and driving games available in the Hospitality Lounge, sponsored by PBOC, RENNtech Mercedes and Massive Motorsport Lifestyle it was a welcomed new amenity. At lunch time you could catch inspired notable speakers like Steve Dinan (Dinan tuning) and casual questions and answers with Hartmut Feyhl (RENNtech Mercedes), along with videos, WIFI access and VIP comfort. It was very impressive to walk around to find Gymkhana School and Drifting Exhibition, all while the main PBOC track/race event continued through its paces. Then we got ready for a night that rivaled any 1/8th mile Drag Fun Run moment. The locals and the racers enjoyed the friendly drag atmosphere in the safety of a track set-up. This was all culminated with the PBOC 2009 Championship Cup Awards reception and dinner hosted by the Massive Motorsport Lifestyles team and hostesses. With about 5,000 overall attendants, look forward to next year, as we prepared to overwhelm your senses of car excitement and fun. Register for the track events at PBOCflorida.com. Lifestyle Event Sponsorship opportunities available contact us events@massivemotorsport.com.

Jim Jonsin Rebel Rock Racing, Finished 2nd in GT2 class
Jim Jonsin, Rebel Rock Racing @ Daytona SCCA Regional Double Race 2 Restart