Infiniti m45 2003-2004

Perhaps the only 4 door muscle car to ever come out here to the US from Japan....Nissan's answer to the American muscle car....One of the cars on my wish list....One of 3 Nissan cars I would like to collect. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update - Picked up a 2004 (April 2012) with 73K from original owners....Brakes upgraded all around to EBC rotors & red stuff pads...Finished a valve cover gasket replacement on one of the banks...upgraded to Teflon treated One piece Wipers as she now sits at 93k miles....And last week I was able to get my hands on this actual original DVD with Sales media from an original owner in Cali.....Dreams Do Come True as long as you are patient & true to them... :-) Thank you all!! (11:29am 3/17/2015) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update - Created a Facebook page for this collectible from Nissan/Infiniti

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The Japanese BMW M5? || 2003 Infiniti M45 || Full Tour & Start Up
I upload car videos every other day! Subscribe here - Request cars for me to film here! Saw this, knew I had to film it. I can definitely say that, to me, these are just about the most interesting looking vehicles that Infiniti has ever sold. That V8 packs a punch too! Check out Charlie's! 636-321-8115 [INSTAGRAM] [FACEBOOK] [TWITTER] [WHEELWELL BRAND] [SNAPCHAT] tdbyt

Auto Impressions - 2003-2006 INFINITI M45 PUSH TO START CONVERSION
2003-2006 INFINITI M45 PUSH TO START CONVERSION INSTALLATION For more info on installation or product in this video visit us @

2004 infiniti m45 for sale

2003 M45 Infiniti 0-120 MPH Acceleration
2003 M45 Infiniti 0-120 MPH acceleration