Infiniti m45 2003-2004

Perhaps the only 4 door muscle car to ever come out here to the US from Japan....Nissan's answer to the American muscle car....One of the cars on my wish list....One of 3 Nissan cars I would like to collect. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update - Picked up a 2004 (April 2012) with 73K from original owners....Brakes upgraded all around to EBC rotors & red stuff pads...Finished a valve cover gasket replacement on one of the banks...upgraded to Teflon treated One piece Wipers as she now sits at 93k miles....And last week I was able to get my hands on this actual original DVD with Sales media from an original owner in Cali.....Dreams Do Come True as long as you are patient & true to them... :-) Thank you all!! (11:29am 3/17/2015) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update - Created a Facebook page for this collectible from Nissan/Infiniti

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2003 M45 Infiniti 0-120 MPH Acceleration
2003 M45 Infiniti 0-120 MPH acceleration

2004 Infiniti M45 Black Obsidian with 117,870 Miles From Infiniti of Nashua D2265A
Infiniti of Nashua Certified!! Very rare 2004 M45 in great condition. Loaded with all the extras including heated leather seats, moonroof, and more. With Infiniti of Nashua, you get more than a great vehicle. You get a dealership partner that always puts you first! Call for more details.

The Japanese BMW M5? || 2003 Infiniti M45 || Full Tour & Start Up
I upload car videos every other day! Subscribe here - Request cars for me to film here! Saw this, knew I had to film it. I can definitely say that, to me, these are just about the most interesting looking vehicles that Infiniti has ever sold. That V8 packs a punch too! Check out Charlie's! 636-321-8115 [INSTAGRAM] [FACEBOOK] [TWITTER] [WHEELWELL BRAND] [SNAPCHAT] tdbyt

Auto Impressions - 2003-2006 INFINITI M45 PUSH TO START CONVERSION
2003-2006 INFINITI M45 PUSH TO START CONVERSION INSTALLATION For more info on installation or product in this video visit us @