Brad Mcilroy had an interesting weekend of racing at the Jamboree. He managed to loose hit bonnet mid run on the pass that saw the car go faster then ever before. This is one while ride, and the times will keep dropping, so keep checking back. Thanks to Direct Clutch Services for the clip.

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Direct Clutch Services - Testing 1-2-3
The Direct Clutch Services RX-7, testing prior to the 2017 Brisbane Jamboree. Driven by Darren 'Jerry' Kehl

PRO DAT 20B TURBO MONSTER - Brad Mcilroy's Datsun 1200 Ute
Brad would like to thank Jerry from Direct Clutch Services, Dan from Promods, Brad P and Archie from Mazfix for tuning. This car will be debuting on the track very soon, and you can come see it at the Jamboree under the Mazfix tent on August 27th and 28th.

20B turbo Datsun
Brad's Mazfix Racing 20B rotary powered Datsun Ute. Willowbank Raceway. Creative Commons music licence.

R33 Skyline Punches A Rod Out at Gazzanats
There's no doubt that Skylines are decent performance cars but every car has it's limits - as the owner of this R33 found out at Gazzanats. I've never seen a nearly complete conrod leave an engine before, usually they're broken in two.