GMC 5.3L Magnacharger جمس

جمس مكينة 5.3L عليه سوبر شارج نوعه ماجناشارجر

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tvs 1900 supercharged gmc sierra 5.3 v8
The TVS 1900 kit is only set at about 6psi of Boost. The truck shut down at 130mph on the Dyno which is the max sct would allow the tuck to do. In regards to horsepower and torque there's A LOT left in it. We were really happy with the torque the truck made, just about 550ftlbs at the crank.

cammed 5.3 silverado and supercharged
05 silverado 220 220 cam magnacharger with 12 pound pully


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