Blown V8 1969 Volkswagen Beetle Pro Street Part I

Walk around of my 1969 VW Pro Street Volkswagen Beetle. Blown 355 SBC, 671 BDS Blower, Driven 1to1. turbo 350 trans. Full Tube Chassis, Mustang II front suspension, 9" Ford Rear end. 29x18.50x15 Mickey Thompson Sportsman Pros under the rear.

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Blown V8 1969 Volkswagen Beetle Pro Street
Cruising around in my 1969 Volkswagen Pro Street. Car is Running Fat, need some smaller carbs, that why youll see and hear it pop. Camera died during the process of the burnout the end. Sorry for the Tease. lol. The car is a 2x3 Tube Chassis Car. 355 SBC. 671 BDS Blower Driven 1to1. turbo 350 Trans. Car was just featured in the May Issue of Car Craft.

Taking my 383 V8 Bug for a spin.
Here's a video of my 383 sbc bug. It has 10.39:1 CR with vortec heads, runs 98 octane race gas, 750 cfm carb, summit stage I intake, isky cam 201278 278 duration, 234 @ .050, 106 LSA, .450 lift, built th350, B&M 2,300 - 2,500 stall, stock 7.625 S10 rear with 3.08. I need more gearing, and a stronger rear, but that will come later.

Volkswagen Bug "Super Bug" NSRA Street Rod Nationals 2015
I caught up with "Super Bug" at the 2015 NSRA Street Rod Nationals...What a cool Car...It has a get stance...Flames...A tilt front end with a 502 Big Block under it....You have to check this one out!!! Visit for more cool stuff updated daily!!

ROTTEN OLD 1956 Oval VW Beetle - 7
Almost immediately after the last video, and after I had cut off the front clip from this VW Beetle, I went to remove the steering column, and all hell broke loose... almost quite literally, too. I was forced to cut the car in half to stop the car from pulling itself apart further because straight cuts and proper body lines are much easier to work with. Surely I could have probably left it together as it was and braced and straightened things, but in order to reach the hard-to-reach areas for rust remediation it had to come apart anyway. History: I dug out a front clip which I had in storage to rebuild the Oval's front end. I will re-use as much of the original metal as possible to try and retain the original vintage appearance wherever I can. History: I got some heater channels and lower door posts to repair this car and try to make it rigid again. History: After removing the glass, evaluated the surrounding body metal to look for rust. The rear windows are in pretty good shape, the windshield frame, however is pretty much destroyed. History: Couldn't get the rear drums to turn even after removing the drums and ensuring they were free. I suspected the transmission was stuck in the gear, and the engine was seized so after 3 days of pulling and prying and lots of swearing and alcohol the engine was finally removed. But it was discovered that the transmission is rotted out and literally frozen and despite the frozen engine being removed I still could not get the drums to turn. So the Beetle sat in my driveway long enough so I constructed a temporary dolly with in-line wheels to get the car moved into the yard where it was obscured from public view before code enforcement comes sniffing around issuing citations. (I have an old man neighbor that likes to call them, and while I have never had a run in with him, I'd like to keep it that way!) History: Began to strip down the body of this 1956 VW Beetle, removed the fenders, hood, and freed up all the wheels that were locked up. It almost rolls again except I can't get it out of gear for some reason, and the engine is frozen, so I've gotta remove the engine yet. History: This is my numbers matching 1956 Oval VW Beetle! IT HAS A TITLE, TOO! Its very rusty and is quite a mess, but I've been hunting for one that needed massive work for years to build a nice custom, and I actually found this one just down the street from my house! Looking forward - I will probably find myself selling off most of my VW stuff so I have more space to deal with rebuilding this car. Lots more on this in the future! My Blog: Facebook: Twitter: Myspace: Be a fan of Skeeter the Duck on her very own Facebook Fan Page! SkeeterTheDuck's FB: Delmont's FB Fan Page: Theme song (Gearhead) by Kevin MacLeod/ MacLeod/