WPVW turbo formula vee dyno session

Chris Bolton puts the WPVW formula vee on the Dyno for the first time with the new WPVW prepared 2165ml turbo engine . As the engine comes up on Boost for the first time the Exhaust temp rises and the heat resistant paint cannot withstand the temp and starts to smoke . The new combination produced 175bhp @ the wheels on 15psi Boost and E85 fuel.

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2014-10-04; SCCA Watkins Glen Last Chance Formula Vee Race
2014 SCCA Last Chance Formula Vee race at Watkins Glen. Sunday afternoon. Shot with a GoPro HD mounted on top of my helmet. Pretty fun race with a 5 car fight for the lead. On the 2nd to last turn, the ONLY car other than FV on the track decided to pass the leaders. It broke us apart & cut us off 1 lap early.

22nd September 2013 Formula Vee Onboard Donington race 2 P6 to P8

2014 SCCA Runoffs Formula Vee Laguna Seca

30/6/13 Formula Vee Donington Race 2 - 1st lap crash & rear suspension collapse