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H Drive Racing - Toyota Yaris One Make Race / トヨタ YARIS ワンメイクレース

H Drive Racing - Toyota Yaris One Make Race 2012 Thailand Bangkok Rajchamungkala - Finished Podium 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Position Phuket Srisuchat Transport Race Team www.hdrive-racing.com info@hdrive-racing.com


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Fran León - Agustín Alemán - Toyota Yaris - Rally Maspalomas 2010

H Drive Racing Dog Box Transmissions - BANGSAEN STREET CIRCUIT
H.DRIVE RACING Products Website: http://www.hdrive-racing.com Email: info@hdrive-racing.com Dog Box Transmission on Toyota VITZ Super 1500 - BANGSAEN CIRCUIT H.Drive Racing Dog Box Transmissions Dog engagement is normally used in racing applications where fast, precise shifting is needed. Dog gear engagement is facilitated by numerous large teeth (dogs) that mate into matching openings machined into the opposite surface of the drive gear. Unlike the synchro engagement, there is no synchronizing mechanism to assist in equalizing speed. Ideal gear selection—e.g. minimal clashing and wear of the dog rings—is achieved by quick shifts; the motto here is "the quicker the better", so bang away. There is no depressing the clutch in the conventional sense like with the synchromesh transmission. A momentary break in engine load until the shift is achieved by a quick throttle blip or clutch depression. The driver will then experience the dog ring engaging with the next gear and the throttle can be reapplied. With practice this can be done in milliseconds. In fact, a driver can preload the stick shift in the direction of the next shift, and then when he either blips the throttle or clutch the shifter will quickly click in the desired gear. With all else equal, dog-engagement gears are much stronger than synchro-engagement gears because without needing to make space for synchro rings, the gears themselves can be made thicker. The number of dogs (teeth) and the size of the openings determine the window of opportunity that the dogs have to engage during the shift event. Rings with a smaller number of teeth provide a more efficient, smoother shift quality. The downsides to this easier engagement are increased noise and abruptness on the shift.

Toyota Yaris R1A
The new Toyotay yaris R1A rally car.

Imperial Toyota Yaris Rally Car
A quick test lap with Geniel de Villiers in the new Imperial Toyota Yaris Rally Car. Unbelievable skill from the man and the Yaris is just amazing. Reaching speeds of up to 165km/h on a rough gravel road and just flying through corners . . . . It was a great privilege for me and a truly awesome experience. Highly recommended!!!

Toyota Vios One Make Race - Phuket 2014-H Drive Racing
H Drive Racing Toyota Vios One Make Race Phuket Round 1 Car No.27 - ALISHA ABDULLAH Car No.57 - MOH TZE YANG Car No.80 - TONY MORRIS

Flush Style Thailand - Ready to "2 years Aniversary / 9 March 2013"

New Toyota Yaris 2012: Toyota Motor Manufacturing France
Meet the smartest ever Yaris. To find out more, visit: http://www.toyota.co.uk/newyaris

H Drive Racing Close Gear Ratio Transmissions - HONDA EK9 K20A
H.DRIVE RACING Products Honda Civic Type R EK9 K20A H.Drive Racing Close Gear Ratio H.Drive Racing Final Drive H.Drive Racing Super Single Clutch H.Drive Racing Limited Slip Differential (LSD) H.Drive Racing R Spec Damper Website: http://www.hdrive-racing.com Email: info@hdrive-racing.com

2007 Toyota Vitz
Promotional Walk-around video for our Black 2007 Toyota Vitz - Stylish Hatchback, Low mileage, 1500cc. You can view this vehicle at http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=405626643

vitz 09 for Team Project 9
(view in 1080p) (team Member) Find on facebook! www.facebook.com/teamproject9

Vitz RS
[Teaser] Vitz RS @korat, Full Ver. next time

TV-NA Toyota Vitz RS Team FederalMotorsports
Если вы хотите что бы ваш автомобиль попал на TV-N/A пишите на timeattack-na@mail.ru фото автомобиля, характеристики, ссылку на блог автомобиля. http://timeattack-na.ru/ http://vk.com/vidosattack - Вступай в группу! http://vk.com/timeattack_na - Вступай в группу! Третий выпуск проекта TV-NA. Показываем Toyota Vitz RS FederalMotorsports. Оставляйте комментарии, чтобы с каждым выпуском наш проект становился лучше и лучше.

Toyota Yaris Modified
Toyota Yaris 2010 modified with Vertical Door & Split Hood Automation. www.h2obodywork.com

Toyota Vitz 2003 г.

TEAM H Drive Racing Bangsaen Speed Festival Street Circuit
TEAM H Drive Racing Porsche 996 GT300 and Super 1500 Honda Jazz at 2013 Thailand Bangsaen Speed Festival Street Circuit 2013年12月に、Bangsaen サーキットでおこなわれた、TEAM H.Drive Racing のPorsche 996 GT300 のシェイクダウンテストの模様です。 Porsche 996 GT300 - PITSANU.S Super 1500 Honda Jazz - PLOY TACHAPAN www.hdrive-racing.com info@hdrive-racing.com

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