Cobalt Mech-tech 6.09 @ 231 MPH

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Papolo Racing MechTech.wmv
Ford vs Chevy FEB 22 2010 Pista el Tuque

Nyce1s - Pepe Loco Racing 2JZ Celica @ Englishtown 6.46 @ 213 MPH!!
Congrats to the Pepe Loco Racing Technology team as they recently were able to run a best time of 6.46 @ 213 mph! This was done at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park during a test n tune session on 08-21-13. We are looking forward to more passes coming soon as they continue to test this new car!! Checkout Pepe Loco Racing at !!! Checkout Nyce1s # !!

Top Fuel Dragster Semi Final 3.822sec @ 324.98 MPH
Larry Dixon - 3.825-319.75 MPH Tony Schumacher - 3.822-324.98 MPH(W)

Firing the Glock 40 Mech Tech
This video demonstrates the accuracy that can be achieved with the Mech Tech Glock 40 conversion from H.S.S. Tactical, Inc. Justin Koepke fires a few rounds at clay targets to sight the weapon in. Then he places a nice group of four shots into the target from 75 yards out.