Northwest Nissans Nissan Fest 2012.

This is VIDEO of the car show (mostly just the nissans) and the drifting event. i will put the rest of the car show and more drifting in a part 2 video.

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Nissan Fest 2013
Trip to nissan fest from BC to Monroe Washington

2012 Evergreen Speedway Nissan Fest/Drift (HD)
This years Nissan fest in Monroe, WA at Evergreen Speedway!! Was an awesome turnout... Hope you guys enjoy!! More videos coming! Like and Subscribe for more moddified cars, trucks and jeeps! - Follow me on Instagram: Artemlesnenko_22

Father and Son RWB | Automotive Culture and the Enthusiast | eGarage
We met up with Leh Keen, a professional driver for Alex Job Racing, and his dad McGrath Keen who asked his son to commission a 993 built by Nakai of RWB. Hear why a Rauh Welt Porsche appealed to two generations of Porschephiles and see how it united this father and son in their passion. SUBSCRIBE: ‪ eGarage are Storytellers. We live our lives in motion. We tell stories in motion. We curate, produce, and distribute stories that revolve around anything on wheels, or anything that propels us into motion. Connect with eGarage: Visit the eGarage WEBSITE: ‪ Like eGarage on FACEBOOK: ‪ Follow eGarage on TWITTER: ‪ Connect with eGarage on GOOGLE+: ‪ Follow eGarage on INSTAGRAM: ‪ Father and Son RWB

Nissan Fest 2012 Parking Lot Walk Through.
nearly a complete walkthrough of the front parking lot at nissan fest. didn't get to the grass lot sorry although i kind of regret not doing so.