My 71 Maverick: The Beginning

I've bought my first car! It's a 1971 ford maverick. Although it is a bit of a project, it is just what I have been looking for. So these videos are going to document my progress to you the viewers and for me to look back on when its all finished. Hope you enjoy it!

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Orange FORD MAVERICK owned by a CLOWN!
Maverick the Clown is off work and trying to remember where he parked his orange Ford Maverick car? Was it the Walmart parking lot? The brake shop, KFC, Del Taco? Just where? 3 4 5

Maverick 1º Traseira Super nos 8s - 8.588@263KM/H
Gustavo Castañon - Castañon Drag Racing - Fueltech FORD Maverick V8 8.588@263KM/H First 8sec No turbo, No Spray, ALL motor in Brazil

Crusin to Colby '11
Trip to Colby and crusin on Colby

Maverick Ford 1971 302/V8
Restaurando mi Maverick del 71, està en Tampico Tamaulipas, link de mercadolibre donde esta publicado y estan mis datos, 02v8-_JM