Crown Vic. Burnin a Civic

I jus had 2burn"em up!!

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Fun with a Crown Vic
Just messing around and doing a few donuts in my '03 Crown Vic Police Interceptor. The car has an air filter, tune, off-road X-pipe, and mufflers, but is otherwise stock.

Crown vic. racing
burn'em up again! NO TWAYZAR

Crown Vic Cop Car VS. Jeep Push Off!!
This is my an my co worker playing around with the push guard and his iron Jeep. Was fun, we should do it properly some time as I was just waiting and letting him roll me back then I would stab the throttle. Good fun either way, till we got yelled at ha ha. You also get to watch some clutch smoke from the Jeep!

Weak ass donut attempt
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