Escort mk2 BDH Guernsey Hillclimb record.

Escort mk2 BDH 1300cc Record Guernsey hillclimb,

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Guernsey Hillclimb Crash Paul Le Gallez
Loosing the front going round the final corner over the finish line, hit the bank quite heavily!

Ford Escort Mrk 2 using a Wilcox built BDG in Greece
Agelakis Services prepared Escort with a Wilcox built BDG going well in Greece. Why not visit our website to find out more about the company.

GoPro: HILLCLIMB - Ford Escort MK2
1st drive @ Legend of the Lakes 2012

Escorts 2011 Rally Video Pure Sound
A follow up to my popular Escorts 2009 and 2010 videos. Featuring just Ford Escorts in rallies throughout the UK and Ireland.