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1994 Calder Park Nationals
Over 50,000 spectators filled the stands at Calder Park for the 1994 Nationals. Top fuel, Nitro funny car, doorslammer etc.

Crash Xr6 Turbo Hitting a tree at Mt Cotton hillclimb
Not My video. Thanks to the guy for sending it to me.... Msg me if you would like it removed or changed in any way. thanks!

Roadking Chassis VicDrift Championship Round 2 | Calder Park Raceway
Support us, fresh Brokenimage stickers available - http://brokenimage.bigcartel.com Please 'Like' our Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/Brokenimage.com.au May 18th was Round 2 of the Roadking Chassis VicDrift Championship! It was my first trip over to Victoria to check the drifting out, I was stoked with the opportunity to film for VicDrift and produce this video. The day was sweet with a new layout they has designed the night before, running the usual course backwards and switching over past the drag strip. I hope you guys enjoy the video, it took long enough! Instagram: Brknimage Twitter: Brknimage www.brknimage.com