2002 Audi S4 6-speed Stage 2 acceleration

Really just a 2nd gear pull, WOT from 25-60mph. This was done up a decent hill (4% grade or so). 2002 Audi S4 6 speed manual, Stage 2. GIAC-X 93 octane program, SSAC cat-back, Forge DV's, N249 bypass, AWE DTS.

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2002 Audi S4 Stage3 exhaust part 2
this is my audi s4 stage 3 frankenturbos, 044 Bosch fuel pump, 60lb injectors, rs4 airbox, headers, 2.5 flowmaster merge into 3" into a magnaflow,stablizer bar, h&r lowering springs, bilstein sport shocks, awe Intercooler, water methanol, brake kit, 710n, 35mm Hotchkis Performance front sway bar, 22.5 Hotchkis Performance rear sway bar and brace for subframe, Upgraded Jhm shift linkage, 18 inch O.Z. Ultraleggera, stage 3 clutch, resurfaced flywheel.

2002 Audi S4
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2006 Accord v6 6MT vs 2002 Audi S4 6MT
2006 Accord 6 Speed 3.0 v6 - Dual Chamber Intake (Now have a 3.2l j32a3 with built 3.5 j35a8 heads, hondata tuned, Borla, Rv6 J pipe, lightweight crank pulley, lowered, torque dampener). 2002 Audi S4

2002 RS6r turbo'd B5 Audi S4 Launch control
Quick Clip of my brothers B5 S4 built by us and tuned by me (still needs work). RS6R turbos @ 22psi ER Intercoolers 034 3" downpipes to 3.5" axle back (single muffler) JHM B7 RS4 clutch kit