INSANE 30,000Watt 8 18's - Escalade Test Vid: Metallica

This truck was designed and tuned for hip hop/rap/heavy bass lines. It plays rock and metal surpisingly well. Tested under battery power only. Still under construction and LOTS more to do!

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Live at SMD HQ - Skelator Speaker Box Clear Acrylic Baffle CNC Cut - shop work flow vlog #3
More pics here: -subwoofers-sundown-audio-z-v5/ Sorry it's taking so long, But we are SLAMMED at the shop and it is hard to work on personal projects lately. I figured i would go live while i cut this $200 Acrylic baffle though. You can stress out with me lol! Visit: for info on the Zv.5 Subwoofer Visit SMD Partner Sonic Electronix: Don't forget to Subscribe Also, check out my other pages: Instagram: Facebook Page here: Follow:

SMD Escalade Tears up Sonnys Liquor (8 18's 30k watts!)
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Parking Lot Pimpin' - Another CAddy Demo 8 18" Subwoofers!!
a couple members of my website forum wanted to hear the caddy in person - it quickly turned into a side show!!

Music @ 157.4db - Neill Barber Bass Race
(24) 10" Kicker L7's doing their job. Inside view of a Bass Race fun run of 157.4db on music. I know it appears different subs are moving at different times but that is due to the camera not able to capture enough frame rate to keep up. Second half of the video is slowed down and the music is off time. Sorry bout that!