INSANE 30,000Watt 8 18's - Escalade Test Vid: Metallica

This truck was designed and tuned for hip hop/rap/heavy bass lines. It plays rock and metal surpisingly well. Tested under battery power only. Still under construction and LOTS more to do!

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SMD Escalade Tears up Sonnys Liquor (8 18's 30k watts!)
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Parking Lot Pimpin' - Another CAddy Demo 8 18" Subwoofers!!
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minivan with 40,000 watts 8 - 18s - 17-12s - 18 tweets at englishown raceway part 6-17-10.AVI
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Unboxing the BEASTLY 115lb 5000 Watt RMS SMD v2 15" Subwoofer (Coming Soon!)
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