INSANE 30,000Watt 8 18's - Escalade Test Vid: Metallica

This truck was designed and tuned for hip hop/rap/heavy bass lines. It plays rock and metal surpisingly well. Tested under battery power only. Still under construction and LOTS more to do!

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Amp Test Tuesday - Gravity 1500.1d Rated 500 watts RMS - Good Flea Market Power? (video 2)
Bid on this amp here: opening bid starts exactly what i paid for it. All proceeds to go right back to another amp for more testing! and i will give you guys a chance to win that one too! How to win this amp (contest over! nobody guessed!) ower-at-the-flea-market-undercover-500w-purchase-guess-the-power-output-win -it/ SMD Products Available at and many more online outlets! In this series of tests, we took it straight to the swap meet. I picked up 2 cheap amps for about $100 each. Brought them home and tested them. Next set of video's i will get some SERIOUS no name brands and test those too. Next up, the PG amp. Subscribe! ill have that video ready by next tuesday! Amp #1: Gravity 1500.1d Amp #2 Phoenix Gold rx500x1 both rated 500w RMS in the owners manuals. Don't forget to Subscribe Also, check out my other pages: Instagram: Facebook Page here: Follow:

SMD Escalade Tears up Sonnys Liquor (8 18's 30k watts!)
me and my boy Jeff went to visit Sonny's Liquor to visit my man sonny......we forgot to tell him we were comin.

INSANE 30,000 watt Escalade*Crazy Mids/Highs! (more testing)
Chickens 2002 Hoopty Escalade....Still Under Construction. Mids and highs finally working! A little preview during todays testing

Parking Lot Pimpin' - Another CAddy Demo 8 18" Subwoofers!!
a couple members of my website forum wanted to hear the caddy in person - it quickly turned into a side show!!