3500rpm rev limiter Mustang GT

1998 Mustang GT with rev limiter set at 3500rpm through SCT Xcal2.

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mustang 2 step
98 Mustang GT built motor, 310rwhp, longtubes, o/r h, mac cat back, stage 2 cams, 2 step

mustang gt rev limiter launch
my brothers 04 gt 4.6 2v with cams suspension and slicks. went a best of 7.88 with 1.61 60' that day

Mustang rev limiter
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cobra rev limiter!
my 03 cobra rev limiter set at 3000 rpm half and full throttle revs lol this car at the track has gone 12.18 at 114 mph with a passenger.. had a 1.82 60 foot on that run... will be in the 11s for sure next year1 :)