vw beetle stuffing impreza turbo

video of my bro and mate johnny racing at bug jam 05 including johns 1963 ragtop bug stuffing a 300hp (allegedly)Impreza turbo at Bugjam 2005

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Beetle vs. Ferrari
Beetle vs. ferrari 1/4milles

Hyper Bug 1641cc turbo/nitrous VW Beetle Drag Car
Shot this video this weekend at Farmington, NC. The Hyper Bug has been around for A LONG time, but this was the first time I have seen it with this engine - 1641cc, no frills turbo with Nitrous. I didn't expect much...boy I was wrong. The car actually went much quicker than this run, but I missed the first pass because I just didn't realize what I was about to witness! ENJOY!

Record Breaking VW Bug
ET 8.88 MPH 163

vw bug beetle turbo
vw bug beetle turbo