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Riding test a Minerva Megelli 250R

Riding test a Minerva Megelli 250R at Jakarta Fair, Indonesia


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Bennche Megelli 250r Road Test
Introducing Bennche Megelli 250r sport bike! Megelli 250r is equipped with 249cc water-cooled engine with 27 HP. The top speed is around 85 MPH.

Megelli 125R
Megelli 125R Sport. Photo : http://www.onroadzone.com/zboard/view.php?id=photogallery&no=30030

minerva sach megelli 250 custome exaust
friends minerva sach megelli exaust sick ass sound at only 80USD

Megelli 250r

2010 Bennche Megelli 250R Motorcycle Review - UK-designed, Chinese-made, courtesy of Texas
The introduction of the 2010 Bennche Megelli 250R to the U.S. motorcycle market is a move at least as bold as its provocative, red-hot looks. For the complete review, visit: http://www.motorcycle.com/manufacturer/2010-bennche-megelli-250r-review-896 22.html This Chinese-manufactured 249cc motorcycle emulates a 7/8-scale hypersport machine, and represents perhaps the furthest-yet encroachment into a domain up until now owned by Japanese and European manufacturers... Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=Motorcycle YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/Motorcycle Facebook - http://facebook.com/MotorcycleCom Twitter - http://twitter.com/MotorcycleCom Web - http://www.Motorcycle.com Established in 1994, Motorcycle.com is the premiere online resource for motorcycle and scooter enthusiasts. With hundreds of high quality, detailed video reviews on bikes from Harley-Davidson, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki and just about everybody else, it's the best place to go to learn about the latest and greatest two-wheeled creations. There's simply no better resource if you're planning on buying or if you just want to check out some awesome machines.

Megelli 250R Test Ride
Nice bike, good handling, reasonable price....gotta get this bike soon!!!!

Kawasaki Ninja 300 2014 SE - Purchase First Ride
I bought a new Kawasaki Ninja 300 2014 SE at my 18th birthday. This bike looks much better than the 2013 SE model. Filmed with a GoPro 3+ in Superview.

megelli250r メガリ250r 排気サウンド
megelli250r メガリ250r 排気サウンド

Test Drive Megelli 250rr!!.wmv
Visit My Blog: http://tropicanabikes.blogspot.com/ For More Details Call Rahman 016 9533177. Kedai Di Seksyen 13 Shah Alam. Near Stadium. Naked Cash Rm 15k Fairing Rm 17500 Megelli 250r 0% Downpayment: Rm 339- 84 Month 10% Downpayment: Rm 304- 84 Month Megelli Naked 250 0% Downpayment: Rm 319- 84 Month 10% Downpayment: Rm 286- 84 Month

Minerva Megelli Vs Kawasaki Ninja RR (Race)
@ Circuit sentul Tuning by TOMS (Tomang Motor Sport)

2009 Ninja 250 "Blue Beast" ..
My Custom 2009 Ninja 250.. Alot of Mods including GSXR Exhaust ,Modded swingarm & 180 rear Tire..

megelli 250 accerate
Acceleration 0-100 speed ( GPS 1 : 1 ) Modified Carbu & Exhaust MaksWell Os www.tokocaya.com

ninja 250r two brothers FS exhaust
just another video from the original one..

2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300 Motorcycle Crash Lowside, Live Oak, Trabuco Canyon, CA (Season: WINTER, Jan)
Rough way to start the year for this new rider. I recorded this earlier, but didn't post it until I got permission from the dude that crashed since he is someone I know. I have my own opinion about the crash and I'm sure that people will state their opinions as well. I hope that those that do watch this video will learn something from it so that it may help someone down the road. If you don't have anything constructive or helpful to say, please keep it to yourself. The rider that crashed survived and is recovered. Not sure if you noticed, but there are crosses and shrines at the base of a tree behind that guard rail. I didn't notice them until we were stopped. With that being said... Ride at your own pace. Anything that might upset you to be uncomfortable or make the bike unstable, slow down. Ride canyons no more than 70%-80% of your capability so that you have something to fall back on, never go all out in the canyons. If you are a new rider, avoid canyons until after you've logged 3,000-5,000 miles on the odometer. Can't stress the importance of ATGATT. Rider Update: Rider sustained a fractured left hand with minor abrasions. Rider is fully healed now. Rider Gear: Helmet, chest protector, shorty gloves, and boots. Doubled up on winderbreaker jackets, longjohn thermal leggings, and jeans were torn up but weathered most of the slide in gravel resulting in minor abrasions only. Chest protector plate weathered most of the chest impact and slide to ground. Bike Damage: 1 snappd fork, 1 bent fork, shattered front rim, punctured radiator, bent shift lever, shattered upper fairing, cracked lower fairings, right headlight, and left front turn signal. Front wheel was wedged up again the headers, thus front wheel was locked. With the front wheel locked and rear wheel in gear, bike had to be dragged.

2012 Megelli 250R SE and Drift HD Ghost camera first test at night
Please choose 1080P for the better video viewing resolution! This is my first time test on my Drift HD Ghost camera at night, camera mounted on my helmet's right side. Camera Setting: 1080P, FPS 30, FOV 170, EXP +/- 0, Internal Mic Sensitivity Level 2 YouTube Setting: Everything Original * For smart phone and tablet users, I strongly recommend you plug in your earphone for the closer virtual sound quality. Enjoy ;) ***************************************** New video: http://youtu.be/ehTsfY9tUhI

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