Prelude timing belt completion test

Me and a friend (Mostly him) finished doing a timing belt on the car. Testing the timing to make sure the cams didn't get moved..

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timing belt walking and settling h22a4
I installed the timing belt and adjusted the kaizenspeed auto tensioner so that the belt has the appropriate tensioner but when I turn the crank it seems to walk a little off the intake cam and settle hanging off the edge of the cam ~1mm. What could be causing this? Update: i was able to fix this problem. what happened for me was i had to redo all my work. if you are using the kaizenspeed tensioner, it can be too tight or too loose which will cause the timing belt to walk. at first i thought it was one of the bolts that held the auto tensioner assembly was bent, most likely the one that holds the water pump in the block. i would try redoing your work and putting on the balance shaft belt. check the tension for both belts and see if it continues to walk.

Prelude Timing Belt
Some hot chick out blowing up her shit guys standing in line to fix it. Testing new video software and I think the screw was suppose be there.

Prelude timing belt issue?
Honda prelude 1997 H22a4 207xxxkms completely stock, Heard some ticking noises while i was revving it and decided to pop the valve cover off to see whats up. Valve clearances are good... so im assuming the timing belt... Let me know!

HELP!!!!! timing belt tension
i need advice on my new 1996 prelude 2.3 dohc