Prelude timing belt completion test

Me and a friend (Mostly him) finished doing a timing belt on the car. Testing the timing to make sure the cams didn't get moved..

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timing belt walking and settling h22a4
I installed the timing belt and adjusted the kaizenspeed auto tensioner so that the belt has the appropriate tensioner but when I turn the crank it seems to walk a little off the intake cam and settle hanging off the edge of the cam ~1mm. What could be causing this? Update: i was able to fix this problem. what happened for me was i had to redo all my work. if you are using the kaizenspeed tensioner, it can be too tight or too loose which will cause the timing belt to walk. at first i thought it was one of the bolts that held the auto tensioner assembly was bent, most likely the one that holds the water pump in the block. i would try redoing your work and putting on the balance shaft belt. check the tension for both belts and see if it continues to walk.

Ford 5.4L 3v Engine Timing Chain Kit Replacement Pt 4 of 4: Timing and Startup!
These are the Tools and Parts needed for the job: Ford Timing Chain Set- Valve Cover Gasket Set: 2004-2007- 2008-2014- Latest VCT Solenoids- Crankshaft Pulley Bolt- Phaser Holding Tool- Roller Follower Remover Tool- Crankshaft Positioning Tool- Cat Claw- Crankshaft Dampener Puller- Pneumatic Fan Wrench Kit- Permatex Engine Sealant- Lisle A/C disconnect tool- 5W-30 Oil I recommend- Melling M360 Oil Pump- or Melling M10340 Oil Pump- Engine Coolant needed if drained- Mopar Rust Penetrant- Oil pump replacement Video- Crankshaft Bolt Part Number- F5RZ-6A340-B Torque Sequence Diagrams: Valve Covers 2004-2007 LH- jpg RH- jpg Valve Covers 2008-2014 LH- jpg RH- jpg Front Cover Sealant Points- pg Front Cover Sequence- oiur.jpg LH RH Camshaft Sequence- .jpg 5.4L 3v Timing Chain Kit Replacement Series: Part 1- Part 2- Part 3- My Company BSG Automotive offers Auto Repair services in the greater Chicagoland area. Website: Facebook: Catch up with us on- Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: My company YouTube Channel- BSG Automotive providing repair advice on makes and models other than Ford:

Prelude Timing Belt Tensioner
How to remove tension on auto tensioner

How to Replace a Honda Prelude Timing Belt - Heavily Condensed Video
Please note: This is a HEAVILY CONDENSED version of a full video series detailing the procedure. Please see our channel to view this procedure in full detail. is proud to offer an easy to follow video detailing how to replace the timing belt in a 1991 Honda Prelude. The procedure used can be easily adapted for use on other Preludes, other Hondas such as Accords and Civics, or on many other cars. Details on how to replace the water pump, timing belt tensioner and cam oil seals are also covered. Setting the ignition timing, flushing the radiator and timing belt tension adjustment is discussed. This video is provided by to help new Honda Prelude owners learn how to work on their car. For help with you Prelude, visit our Honda Prelude Forum at Subject vehicle is a 1991 Honda Prelude SR. For a complete list of parts and tools used, please see the documentation at: