98-02 Firebird Trans Am Knight Rider Light Scanner Version 2.5 on Car

This is my version 2.5 Knight Rider light that fits Ram Air hoods of 98-02 Trans Ams. It has 64 Super Bright 8mm LEDs which makes it about 3000 candle power in brightness. The control box has 16 outputs for a nice smooth scan. I can also design custom scans for it and use brighter LEDs if desired.

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Results of Fuel Injection Cleaning on 02' Firebird

Knight Rider Light Scanner
Here's a little video i took of my newly installed Knight Rider scanner on my modified Vauxhall Corsa. It really is amazing! It has 48 bright LED's and boasts over 13 different scanner patterns. It is all controlled by a wireless remote control that lets you control the pattern and speed of the scanner aswell as turning it on/off and works upto 25 metres away. Enjoy!

4th Gen Trans Am Light Up Bird Door Panels
This is my custom made light up bird door panels. The idea of it sort of just hit me one day. I used EL panels to light them up since they are thin, can but cut to fit, and give a constant light without any hot spots. Total current draw for each door is 1.5 amps so I hooked up a PIR infrared sensor. It detects body heat and automatically turns them on when someone approaches my window. That way it's not on all the time. Unfortunately, this is not a "sell-able" item due to the cost. The parts alone cost me a bit over $700. I have to custom fit and install them myself so each person would have to mail the door panels to me (around $100 shipping) and I'd have to mail them back (another $100 shipping). That puts the cost close to $1000 and I haven't even included my 16 hours of labor yet. I love the way they came out!

stock 02 trans am w/cat back
chris's 02 trans am donuts