VW Golf TSI 1.4 160hp with turbo-back exhaust acceleration

VW Mk6 Golf 118TSI 1.4 Twin-Chargerd 4 Cylinder Engine 118kW/160bhp 0-100km/h: 7.5 secs (STOCK) DSG Mods in this video: (Custom Made 3" Mille Miglia (Hi-Tech) Exhaust system with stock down pipe).

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Golf GT 1.4 TSi 170 HP

VW TSI twincharger
TSI twincharger

Vw golf TSI 160hp acceleration test. 0-100
Vw golf TSI 160hp acceleration test. 0-100 Fast car for a 1.4 liter engine. 240Nm. Great DSG gearbox, but there is some lag between lifting of and pressing the pedal to the metal. (only in the beginning, while driving this gearbox the best of the best) Golf VI, Silent car, comfortable and quickly if you rev the engine. At lower revs, it feels a little slow but the DSG box shifts to 5th gear at 50km/h/ The TSI is not a GTI, this TSI 160hp feels very premium, but has no GTI look or feel at all. When driving normal the engine is fast enough to be satisfied. But diesel lovers who are used to drive 150 - 170hp diesel with 400Nm torque will miss the explosive power at low revs. On the other side, when the TSI is fast when you want hem to be fast ;-) The A4 diesel is even quieter and even more comfortable, but this golf is more agile and more fun to drive. It is a toy for girls, boys would prefere a BMW 125i. BTW, the Dynaudio sound system is good! Great audio quality when driving to work. It sounds natural and voices sound very good, even at low volumes. Dynaudio is peace in your car. (stock car, model june 2011)

VW Golf 1.4 TSI 170 Twin charger Timing Chain Failure
Timing chain failure on a 2007 VW Golf 1.4 TSI Twin charger excessive timing chain noise and loss of power and showing EML Light on.Car showing 58,000 Miles