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VW Golf TSI 1.4 160hp with turbo-back exhaust acceleration

VW Mk6 Golf 118TSI 1.4 Twin-Chargerd 4 Cylinder Engine 118kW/160bhp 0-100km/h: 7.5 secs (STOCK) DSG Mods in this video: (Custom Made 3" Mille Miglia (Hi-Tech) Exhaust system with stock down pipe).


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VW Golf 6 TSI 1.4 DSG (122bhp) 0-215 km acceleration
This was like everyday driving, not a record breaking attempt :)

1.4 TSI 160 HP acceleration sound
Up shift and down shift sound of 1.4 TSI 160 HP (118kw) golf 6 DSG with downpipe and valve before centre muffler. Note that this video was not taken for acceleration, it was for sound. Windows closed. Sorry for the unstable camera angle. A driver and a cameraman.

2011 Volkswagen Golf TSI Start-Up and Full Vehicle Tour

Golf. Nuevo motor 1.4 Turbo. 160 hp.

Touran TDI 2.0 140 PS 0-100 6sec
Touran TDI 2.0 140 PS 0-100 6sec

Golf TSI Akrapovic Slin-On Exhaust System
I have recorded my friend Golf TSI with Akrapovic Slip-On Exhaust system.. The DSG fart are very very very eargism !!

VW Golf R - DSG versus manual by autocar.co.uk
The VW Golf R is good - but is it better with a DSG or manual gearbox? Read the VW Golf R review and see more pictures and video at http://www.autocar.co.uk/CarReviews/FirstDrives/Volkswagen-Golf-2.0-TSI-270 -R/246100/

2012 Volkswagen Golf Highline 122 TSI DSG full tour + acceleration
Interior, exterior and driving. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/erikpassat/142373755868460 Follow me on twitter! @erikpassat http://twitter.com/#!/erikpassat

2010 Volkswagen Golf TSI Start-Up and Full Vehicle Tour
Got the chance to film this Golf TSI at the VW showroom in Penang the other day. It's a pretty nice car, very good power, the brakes are pretty strong as well. This variant of the Golf was only recently introduced in Malaysia in the last couple of months. It retails for RM155,888 and it's about RM50,000 cheaper than the other Golf model sold in M'sia, the GTI. P.S., Sorry if I went a little too fast in the video, it was slightly drizzling and I didn't want to keep the salesperson waiting for too long as I didn't know them that well yet.

這次為大家進行的是集評的單元, 對象就是GOLF GTI 與 FOCUS ST這兩款鋼砲型車款, 我們先從外觀看起, 第三代的 FOCUS ST 充滿著運動化的氣息, 相對的第六代的 GLOF GTI 就明顯的內斂許多。 而內裝配備上, FOCUS ST 除了搭配顏色RECARO座椅, 以及熱血車必備的三環表外, 其他部分與一般五門車款沒有太大的差異, GOLF GTI 則同樣走著VOLKSWAGEN的斯巴達風格, 運用簡潔有力的設計概念, 讓車上的配備一應俱全。 動力上兩者差異40匹馬力, ST搭配六速手排變速箱, GTI則是六速DSG自手排變速箱, 這樣的配置, 讓GTI即使馬力略遜ST, 但是在加速度的反應上卻具有與ST相當的水準。 操控表現上, ST具有可變齒比方向轉向系統, 在操控的靈敏度上大幅提升, 不過有得必有失, 在駕駛ST得過程中方向盤的控制也因此變的格外重要。 反觀GTI因為搭配的是一般的轉向系統, 雖然靈敏度上不如ST, 但是整體的操駕難度卻沒有ST來的複雜, 這也造就它容易上手的形象。 FORD FOCUS ST 規格表 引擎:2.0升直列四缸渦輪增壓 變速箱:6速手排 最大馬力:250匹 / 6000轉 最大扭力:34.7公斤米 / 1750轉 0-100加速:6.3秒 輪胎尺寸:235/40 ZR18 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF GTI規格表 引擎:2.0升直列四缸渦輪增壓 變速箱:6速DSG自手排 最大馬力:210匹 / 5300轉 最大扭力:28.6公斤米 / 1700轉 0-100加速:6.9秒 輪胎尺寸:225/45 R17 試駕介紹:Kevin 試駕介紹:Max 試駕介紹:Dean 攝影剪輯:Austen 2013/05/30 總結配樂: 曲名:Instrumentale - instrumental music Music by Elesy KING : Website : http://bit.ly/elesyking Youtube : http://bit.ly/elesytube

TSI TECHNOLOGY Following the success of its TDI and FSI engines, Volkswagen is launching the latest in a line of pioneering inventions with the introduction of TSI petrol technology. FSI uses the direct injection of petrol into the combustion chamber to improve efficiency and hence reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Taking this further, TSI uses -- for the first time ever -- an FSI engine which is then dual-charged through a combination of an engine driven Supercharger and an Exhaust gas turbocharger arranged in series. The driving characteristics of the new TSI engine are improved over those of the current FSI unit. The belt-driven Supercharger operates at the lower engine speeds, with the turbocharger coming in as engine speed increases. The result of this is excellent driveability and performance throughout the range with no turbo lag and high maximum torque. Key to the TSI's success is that direct injection allows an abnormally high compression ratio of 10:1 to be used in conjunction with high maximum Boost pressure of up to 2.5 bar absolute. This enables the relatively small engine to use very high gearing to provide exceptional fuel efficiency for a petrol engine, particularly at motorway cruising speeds. As an additional bonus, the TSI engine provides driver enjoyment, producing high power and torque across a rev range from 1,000 to 6,500 rpm. The new TSI engine has a capacity of 1.4-litres (1,390 cc) and produces either 140 or 170 PS. The 170 PS version has the same peak power as a conventional 2.3-litre petrol unit but with 20 per cent lower fuel onsumption, returning 38.2 mpg on the combined cycle. It also produces impressive torque of 177 lbs ft (240 Nm) from 1,750 through to 4,500 rpm. All TSI engines drive through a manual six-speed gearbox. A DSG automatic option is also available with the 170 PS engine. This will be offered later in the year with the 140 PS unit. TSI technology has already received international acclaim, having been named Best New Engine of 2006 in the International Engine of the Year Awards. It also won the 1-litre to 1.4-litre category. For more infomation on TSI technology along with more European motor news that you want to read at EuropeanMotorNews.com Thank you for reading this post. Manny

Ferrari Birthday Gift!
My dad has always dreamed about driving the Ferrari, so for his birthday gift; we got him one. P.S. When he took a seat in the car, he thought we got him some type of Total Gym/Bow Flex. LOL! My game The Initiative is now available: https://appsto.re/us/hnpx0.i NICK'S FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/pages/NickDePalo/141656849283315 NICK'S TWITTER http://twitter.com/#!/DePalo You can head over to Nick DePalo's channel to view more of his films and projects. Just click the link below. http://www.youtube.com/user/NickDePalo?feature=guide

Vw golf TSI 160hp acceleration test. 0-100
Vw golf TSI 160hp acceleration test. 0-100 Fast car for a 1.4 liter engine. 240Nm. Great DSG gearbox, but there is some lag between lifting of and pressing the pedal to the metal. (only in the beginning, while driving this gearbox the best of the best) Golf VI, Silent car, comfortable and quickly if you rev the engine. At lower revs, it feels a little slow but the DSG box shifts to 5th gear at 50km/h/ The TSI is not a GTI, this TSI 160hp feels very premium, but has no GTI look or feel at all. When driving normal the engine is fast enough to be satisfied. But diesel lovers who are used to drive 150 - 170hp diesel with 400Nm torque will miss the explosive power at low revs. On the other side, when the TSI is fast when you want hem to be fast ;-) The A4 diesel is even quieter and even more comfortable, but this golf is more agile and more fun to drive. It is a toy for girls, boys would prefere a BMW 125i. BTW, the Dynaudio sound system is good! Great audio quality when driving to work. It sounds natural and voices sound very good, even at low volumes. Dynaudio is peace in your car. (stock car, model june 2011)

2010 Volkswagen MK6 GTI with 3" EuroJet Downpipe & Magnaflow Cat-back Exhaust Video -- 8ft. away
Sound clip of a 2010 GTI TSI turbo with a 3" EuroJet catless resonated downpipe and Magnaflow cat-back Exhaust. 8 feet away Engine mods: APR Stage 2+, Neuspeed turbo Discharge Pipe, "D" piston diverter valve, & Tiguan pipe (noise pipe removed). (Carbonio intake removed for winter)

Find out more about the car on: https://www.facebook.com/EvLSkillz the aerial shots were made by: http://www.flycams.ro

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