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This is the 2011 Honda Accord Coupe walk around video. See Manny as he goes over all the important options that you want to see! Visit http://www.hillsidehonda.com/ to see our specials on new and used Honda vehicles!

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Hillside Honda Odyssey Scam
This is a video that features the supposedly brand new 2016 Honda Odyssey that I recently purchased from Hillside Honda. But, as you can see, this car definitely had been used (by someone at the dealership) and was very likely been in a car accident that involved the left side of the vehicle (and was not reported). Here are the various evidences that prove my claim: • On the left side of the car, fuel fill door is not flushed against the car body. Under high-noon sunlight, you can see a deep shadow beneath the fuel fill door • On driver side (which is also left side of the car) frame with tail light not aligned with tailgate. It’s off by ¼” • Again on the left side of the car, the panel for the sliding door switch popped off after two weeks of using the vehicle • Both car seat latches in the second and third rows are very scratched up • Both car remotes are also very scratched up • Child safety lock was on when we picked up the car which also seemed unusual for a brand new vehicle Thinking back, it now all makes sense why the sales rep offered us a very generous $5000 discount off of the MSRP right off the back without us even asking for it. My wife was expecting within a week and we had two other little ones distracting us which made us an easy target for this scam. We bought the car on a Saturday afternoon and were supposed to pick it up on Sunday morning. The sales rep sounded hesitate and said the car may not be ready and so we changed plan to pick it up on Monday instead. We went Monday afternoon and again the sales rep said it wasn’t ready. So, we ended up making another trip back to the dealership on Monday night at around 8pm to pick up the car. The sales rep did let us check the car inside the service area where there was light. However, it was very difficult to spot these things under a dim light. After a quick check, he quickly drove the car to an outdoor parking lot where there was even less lighting to show us how to use the car. All the paperwork that we have signed said the car has “1 mile” on it. However, the actual reading was 12 miles when we picked it up. We checked the VIN report and it does not look like it was sold to another owner prior to me. So, my suspicion would be that someone at the dealership used the car, got into an accident, fixed it up and then sold it to me as a “brand new” car. I called the sales rep and informed him my concerns with receiving a car that was not brand new. He said he was “sorry” and that “no one told him anything about the car”. He then said he “will talk to his manager and will call me back”. But, it has been several days and I have not received a call back. And, I honestly don’t expect he will ever call back for this matter. I have used to think Honda is a reputable company that manufactures reliable vehicles. This is the first time I have purchased a Honda vehicle and will be my last. I hope that this review will serve as a warning to our friends and families and their loved ones to not purchase any vehicles from Hillside Honda in Queens, NY.

Hillside Honda - Honda Accord Coupe EX-L V6 - Queens NY 11435
This is the walk through video of the 2010 Honda Accord Coupe EX-L V6! Check out all the features and then give us a call to schedule your test drive! (718) 657-7810 Visit http://www.hillsidehonda.com/ to see our specials on new and used Honda vehicles!

2011 Honda Accord HFP Coupe
2011 Honda Accord HFP Coupe Review + Photo Gallery on Auto123.com : http://bit.ly/qqBb2l 'Tude is slang for attitude -- as if you didn't already know. And here's a piece of news: The 2011 Honda Accord Coupe's got lots of it. Really. But on one condition; it must have the HFP package.

Slammed Fitted and Static 8th Gen Accord | Stay Tuned
Who says you cant talk to strangers online? I met Karan through Instagram, then became friends with him and his posse soon after arriving to Import Alliance Homecoming in Nashville Tennessee. This car is NOT BAGGED. This car is simply amazing, not much more to say! Instagrams: Owner: @sikhestaccord Stay Tuned: @staytuned_ song: "Cant Sleep" by Vanic X K. Flay I claim zero ownership of this song! I do not intend to infringe