Bulldog-Lighting 40" TUFF Torture Test

Bulldog Lighting© is your source for Affordable LED Offroad Lights. Off road LED lights for your ATV, UTV's, Off Road Truck, Cars, Farm or Work Equipment, Boats and RV's. This is the Bulldog-Lighting 40" TUFF Torture test of our GET TUFF Torture Test series. In this case we took the Bulldog-Lighting© 40" light bar and drove a Ford Superduty F350 on top of the light spread across two steel holders. Stay tuned as we are always testing our lights to the extremes! The distance between the two blocks was 28 inches. The tire width is 15.50 inches and all of the LEDs on the light bar were still lit, the light bar was not bent or curved after testing! Our light bars produce up to 20,000 Lumens! Check us out at www.bulldog-lighting.com Or Drop us a line at info@bulldog-lighting.com GET TUFF! Bulldog Lighting© Bulldog Lighting© does not own any rights to the songs used in the video, the rights belong to their rightful owners.

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Made in the USA | LED Light Bars | Bulldog LED Lighting
Bulldog-Lighting© was established in 2011 by a young desert racer who was tired of his current lighting system on their teams off road vehicle. The current lighting system was just not bright enough. They wanted LED light bars but just could not afford the light bars on the market then. This seemed to be the consensus across the board with fellow racers, and the average off road enthusiast. So together with the support of his family they began the process of creating an Affordable and TUFF! LED light bar! With their vast experience of over 30+ years in the electrical field, and 10+ years in the product development, manufacturing, and mass distribution fields, they were able to create what the average off road enthusiast asked for an off road led light bar that was TUFF and Affordable! Visit them at http://bulldogledlighting.com Find a Dealer at http://find.bulldogledlighting.com Bulldog-Lighting© and our Bone Squad, introduced our off road led light bars to the market on March 24th, 2012, at the Mint 400 in Las Vegas, NV. The response was overwhelming and confirmed that people want LED light bars for their vehicles but couldn't afford them until now! Since our product launch, we have been developing new ideas, to make our led light bars even better. Our new Dual LED Light Bar is patent pending, and the only one on the market. Our light bar housings, and PCB's are made of aircraft grade aluminum, and are the most affordable and toughest on the market. Bulldog-Lighting© is proud to have our products MADE in the USA! We don't buy Chinese parts and assemble. We employ hundreds through factories across the United States to supply the US Made parts necessary for our LED Light Bars. From the aluminum, PCB's, screws, and lenses, we have full control of our quality, research, development, and custom orders. Our primary focus is to continually develop Affordable, Innovative, and Tuff products that are Made in the USA. Combined with our superior customer service, and advancing R&D, Bulldog-Lighting© is here to help you... our customer!

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