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2010 Brisca F1 World Final.

Brisca F1 Stock Car World Final 2010 Held at Coventry Stadium Saturday 4th September 2010. Winner 1 (391) Andrew Smith 2nd 515 Frankie Wainman 3rd 55 Craig Finnikin.


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Brisca F1 World Final 2010.mpg
Brisca F1 World Final 2010

Brisca F1 stock car 515 Frankie Wainman Jnr rollover 070422 Hednesford
Filmed back in the good old days of fullscreen. Regurgitated footage, but might be of interest to any viewers of Gears and Tears

Brisca F1 Stock Car Racing World Final 2011 Northampton Smith Wainman Harrison Johnson
2011 Brisca F1 World Final from Northampton International Raceway. 2 Paul Harrison avoids the carnage and secures his first World Championship win. Defending Champion 1/391 battled his way to third from his row 5 start.

Brisca F2 world final 2009 1st lap

Brisca F1 Stock Car World Final 21-9-13 Harris Finnikin Harrison Wainman Speak Sworder Fairhurst
Brisca F1 Stock Car World Final 21-9-13.. 1/217 Lee Fairhurst starting on Pole Position as he defends his title, leads the pack round on the rolling lap, with one of the race favourites, 197 Ryan Harrison along side.. Row 2 saw 259 Paul Hines, and 84 Tom Harris.. Any of these 4 were to be considered as the next World Champion.. Harrison powers away from the outside, getting the drop as the green flag is thrown, 84 Tom Harris also finding plenty of grip on the outside, storms straight onto Fairhurst in his quest for glory.. Harris quickly moves into 2nd, going into turn3 Fairhurst moves in on Harris, but coming out of turn4, finds himself out of shape, spinning out of contention.. 150 Mick Sworder was another one to depart early after being jammed in a tangle on the home straight with USA12 Josh Pelkey.. Meanwhile, up front, Harrison is starting to open up a small gap, with Harris appearing to throw himself into armaco, as he is carrying so much speed in an attempt to catch Harrison.. Hines makes a move on Harris, putting him wide, brushing the armaco yet again, just as the yellow flags are shown.. Race order on the re-start sees Harrison leading the field away, with Harris sat poised and perfectly placed in second, with Hines third.. Harrison powers away as the green flag is shown once again, with Harris following close behind.. 2 laps in, with Harrison going wide, Harris sees his chance, ducks under Harrison in turn1/2, and powers into the lead.. 55 Craig Finnikin slowly reels in Harrison, moving himself into second.. A luckless Hines was to retire with damage after suffering brake failure, something that blighted the Hines shale shifter early season.. Upfront, Tom Harris opened up a huge gap to the second place man, and seemingly put on a masterclass drive when it mattered most.. 84 Tom Harris was to take the win, becoming the Brisca F1 World Champion 2013, with 55 Craig Finnikin second, 197 Ryan Harrison taking third, 515 Frankie Wainman Jnr from his row 11 start, taking fourth and 2 Paul Harrison rounding out the top five.. Quote from Tom in the post-race interview.. 'A lot of people took the piss when I built and debuted my new car earlier this year.. I only built it for one reason, to win the World Final.. And tonight, i've just done that..' Congratulations to 84 Tom Harris.. Brisca F1 World Champion 2013.. Enjoy your Golden Year..

Brisca F1 Stock Car World Final Kings Lynn 2009 Smith Wainman Harrison Gentlemen Start Your Engines
Brisca F1 Stock Car World Championship 2009. Frankie Wainman Jnr leads the pack from Pole Position, with defending World Champion Andy Smith starting alongside. After briefly keeping Smith high and wide, Wainman Jnr gets abit out of shape, giving Smith a chance to break free. Wainman Jnr then starts to loose ground and slips down the order. Stu Smith Jnr came through into second, and looked like he was going to take the challenge to elder brother Andy. However, Smith Jnr's charge was brought to a swift halt after tangling with backmarker 502 Ricky Wilson, which saw both spin onto the infield... Smith having a clear track went on to claim his 4th World Title, with Wainman Jnr fighting back to take the runner-up spot. Paul Harrison looked to have a fairly incident free race to claim third, Mark Gilbank an excellent 4th from his Row8 start, and Craig Finnikin rounding out the top 5. Smith celebrates his win a with a few doughnuts, and to prove World Champions do makes mistakes now and again, promptly punts himself into the armaco... Although held at Kings Lynn Stadium, the event was Promoted by Buxton Raceway. Check http://www.buxtonraceway.com/ for more details.

The best stockcar race in the world - ever!
The Meeting Final at the World Championship Semi-Final Meeting for BriSCA F2 stockcars at Warton. August 1994.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YjzVNCKYOtM - FOR MORE VIDEO'S --- In Gears And Tears EPISODE 4 (BBC1),[ check out the whole episode on the i player ] . which ventured into the secret world of stock-car racing, the bitter rivalry that stirred the blood is between the Wainmans and the Smiths, a Yorkshire v Lancashire battle of the bangers passed down through the generations. Could Frankie Wainman Jr wrestle back the crown from the steering wheel of Andy Smith? Now about that, I could care not a jot. There's something a bit bogus about a 'world title' where everyone's British and it happens in Skegness. But Gears And Tears was a diverting exploration of how obsessions can dominate and motivate our lives. To a non-petrolhead, the appeal of stock cars, which look a bit like pimped-up dodgems, was mystifying. Yet here were people who lived and breathed it, spending every spare bit of cash on a fresh bit of kit. And the rivalry was Shakespearean in its construct, the women behind the scenes stirring the pots and colluding in gossip, the menfolk sent out to do battle. All it needs is for a daughter of the Wainman house to take a shine to a scion of the Smith clan -- there's something about a lad in greasy overalls with his head stuck under a bonnet -- and Gears And Tears will have its own version of Romeo And Juliet's Montagues and Capulets purring away in the pits. Rev it up. — Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

BriSCA F1 World Semi-Final @ Birmingham Wheels with #318 Rob Speak
Saturday 28th July 2012 saw the second World Semi-Final for the BriSCA Formula 1 Stock Cars at Birmingham Wheels Raceway and also saw the return of our on-board camera to Mr Rob Speaks #318 machine. Rob starts towards the rear of the pack and it doesn't take him long to start charging his way to the front. Watch the video to see how one of the masters of the ovals makes the race his own!

Brisca F1 World Final Pit Action 2010.
Here are some clips of the pit action at the Brisca F1 World Final meeting at Brandon Stadium Coventry Saturday 4th Sept 2011.

Brisca F1 Stock Car Racing European Championship 2010 Davidson wins Smith Cowley Harris
European Championship 2010 from Northampton International Raceway. With 32 cars on track for the 2010 European Championship, white grader 51 Dylan Williams takes up the early running. 515 Frankie Wainman Jnr's race was to end with barely a couple of laps complete. 391 Andy Smith charges through the field in pursuit of the leading cars of 51 Williams, 153 James Lund and 464 Luke Davidson. As Davidson takes over the lead, Smith was to pass Lund, with the unfortunate Williams spinning out of contention. Such was Davidson's lead, that Smith was unable to catch the leader and the gap far too big to challenge for the win. This was to be Davidson's first major title in the Big League. Enjoy the video ;-)

F1 Stock Car 1990 World Final
The Classic F1 World Final, won by Bert Finnikin at Bradford. This is quite simply one of the best races you will see.

UK Stock Car Racing - RacePixels
RacePixels.co.uk is an online photo agency which covers short oval motorsport in the UK. We are one year old in March 2008 and our photographers have collected some spectacular images from UK based Stock Car racing events across the country during our short existence. These are just some of them. Check out our other slideshow montages covering Banger Racing and other Motor Sport action. Then log onto www.racepixels.co.uk and see more examples of some of the most extreme Motor Sport activity in the World. Stock Car racing in the UK is very much a contact Motorsport and the cars are built to take some pretty brutal treatment. This montage features several classes, from the purpose built Brisca F1 & F2 Stock Cars, Superstox and Saloon Stock Car formulas, through the budget 1300cc Stock Car class and to the Junior Mini Stox. The RacePixels photographers are currently Matt Bull, Stu Bishop, Dave Bastock, Chris Berry, Melvyn Johnson, Paul Huggett, Jim Crucefix, Nick Tryon and Steve Lever.

Frankie Wainman Jr vs Jessy De Bruyn - Final - Stock cars F1 at Venray Raceway (NL) - 21/08/2011
Frankie Wainman Jr (515) is not happy with Jessy De Bruyn's (399) driving, that sent both drivers off during the Stock Cars F1 World Cup 2011 race.

Brisca F1 Stock Car Racing Buxton 1-8-10 Semi Final Smith wins Harris Crash Hines Lund
The second of the Semi Finals from Buxton Raceway. 391 Andy Smith secures a front row start to defend the World Championship come September. Smith was pushed hard by a very much on-form 84 Tom Harris. Harris looked to have the measure of Smith, but was to fall foul of Yellow flags before getting a chance to attack Smith. On the third re-start, in a cruel twist of fate, Harris's gearstick was to break off in his hand, leaving the youngster a sitting duck and being collected and fenced by the pursing pack. With his main challenger out of the running, Smith was to take an easy run to the flag. 259 Paul Hines was to finish second, with 53 John Lund rounding out the top three after taking some big hits throughout the race. By miles the better of this years Semi's, although could have done without so many Yellow flags... After the race, 515 Frankie Wainman Jnr and 391 Andy Smith tossed a coin to see who would opt for inside pole position. Smith chose tails, the coin showed Heads. Wainman was to take the favoured inside spot. Roll on September for another Wainman/Smith front row start. Enjoy the video ;-)

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