datsun 1200 13b turbo rotary wagon drift manfeild 2012 DMNZ 6 rotor fire tyres burnout skid

bit of mainfeild drifting in tha datsun13bt rotor wagon dmnz day

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battlemania datsun13bt

the shed skid 13bt wagon
datsun 13bt shed skid AKA Apparel shed skid off video

datsun 1200 wagon13bt levin burnouts rotary skids rotor dmnz driftng drift
levin burnouts 2011 first skid comp in the wag,check out my ather skids firetyres and drifting wiv DMNZ

13b turbo datsun 1200 wagon drifting DMNZ
this nutty lil dato wagon runs a 380hp 13b turbo W55 supra box an hilux diff by days end blew 3rd gear so started doing 2nd to 4th gear