Boosted CB7

Doin some rips. CB7 F22B dohc t3/t4 custom turbo kit. 15psi stock internals! Camera car is a B16 DelSol with bolt ons.

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06 Altima 3.5 vs Turbo CB7 Rematch
30 mph roll

Fernando's CB7
Oregon coast all accord pnw accord camp meet up. Shot a video on the last day of the camp.

Import Face Off - Woodburn OR - May 26 2013 F22 turbo NON VTEC CB7 - 11.47 @ 131mph GTR - 11.41 @ 120mph

500whp CB7
Boosting around! 4th and 5th gear pulls KaizenSpeed Tuned 480ftlb @ 21psi