Drag Race FZ6 Vs FZR 600

Small "race" between me and my friend

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even lekker uitleven na een hoop rechte kilometers Duitse Autobann....

FZR 600 Onboard.
Short clip onboard. Carbs out of sync and greasy road.

1989 Yamaha FZR 600 Short Speed Run
My 1989 FZR 600 having some fun with my brother and a good friend. Brothers bike: 1994 Suzuki RF-600R Friends bike: 2009 Honda CBR 600RR All three bikes are VERY CLOSE in terms of straight speed. FZR and RF are dead even and CBR only pulls after 130 mph and not by much. (FZR and RF are tuned, CBR is stock)

91 FZR600 w/ 05 R6 tail, and 2000 R6 tank
www.hournineracecraft.com List of mods done to this with a short description of what's involved is below...and if you've watched my other videos, i've sold my jetted carbs and bought YZF ones(stock jets are larger than FZR jetted ones), and sold my CBR tail conversion with the brackets. So now I have the below mods done to it that and a couple more that are in the works...as far as upgrading the tank again, i'm not sure if I want to or not. Don't know which one will look better, YZF600 or stay with R6. Mods: -05 R6 tail/seats (welding required) -00 R6 tank (welding required) -ebay LED turn signals (plug and play) -custom fender eliminator (old bed frame required..lol) -YZF600 carbs (not as simple as just slapping them in, modding experience is required to do this) -YZF600 switches (not mentioned in the video, but look closely, they are there, switch rewire and new turn sig relay required necessary) -YZF600 clutch cover/cable (plug and play..that simple) -YZF600 starter gear cover aka peanut aka front right cover (plug and play, oil drain required) -YZF600 blue dot calipers/lines/brake lever/reservoir (plug and play, it's that simple too) in the works: -YZF600 swingarm/tire/sprockets/chain/rear brake assy (pretty simple, some grinding required) -YZF600 tank (possibly) (really simple too, some modding experience required)