Hydramax Clutch System Set Up Part 2

Setting up an American Powertrain Hydramax hydraulic clutch system. Convert mechanical linkage to modern hydraulics.

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American Powertrain Hydramax Clutch Installation Tech
Kevin Tetz and Gray Fredrick go through the technical details and math required to successfully install your American Powertrain Hydramax clutch kit. For more information and to get the right Hydramax clutch for your application, visit http://americanpowertrain.com/p-29454-hydraulic-clutch-systems.html

Hydramax Clutch System Set Up Part 1
How to set up the American Powertrain Hydramax hydraulic throw out bearing system. Convert mechanical clutch linkage to modern day hydraulics!

How to Dial Indicate Your Bell Housing
How to Dial Indicate Your Bell Housing

Clutch Hydraulic System Air Bubble and Hydraulic Tips
This video shows how critical it is to get all of the air out of a clutch hydraulic release system. You get to see the bubble. Also a few special situations and what to watch for. For instruction bulletins and additional videos by our part number go to www.clutchtechsupport.com