Porsche Carrera GT Burn out!

Extreme acceleration at entrance Nurburgring. Subscribe me!

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Porsche Carrera GT nice acceleration!
Very awesome, this was at an event called the Achterhoek Tour Rally, and there were a lot of classic cars, but also some very nice sportscars, like this Carrera GT!

Porsche Carrera GT Burnout
www.formel1-fahren.at ... Rennwagenvermietung!!! V10 - 5,7l Hubraum - 650 PS, Auspuffanlage 1.Erfurter Stadtrennen

Ferrari Enzo vs Porsche Carrera GT @ Hypermax..The Ultimate Drag Race !
Here we have the ultimate drag race! A Ferrari Enzo vs a Carrera GT at Hypermax/Vmax200 by Auto Vivendi! What do you think Should win overall ? Thanks Cheshiregent Instagram : cheshiregent

LIVE VIDEO FOUND!! Paul Walker was NOT racing when he crashed in the Porsche Carrera GT.
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