Box Chevy Caprice w/ Pro Charged Motor on 26" Asantis Pt.2 - HD

Another video of the Chevrolet Caprice wit the ProCharged engine driving this time. You can hear the whistling sound the motor making... Repping KUT DA CHECK! Sounded like a beast! At GA Toyz Dragfest 2011 in Eatonton, GA.

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R.I.P johnny aka CEO "Kut da check" BUGtv
This is a atl street legend, I heard a lot of great things about this man and I finally had a chance to meet him.. Exclusive BUGtv footage, The ATL legend, A very cool Much love from BUGtv

Box Chevy Caprice w/ PRO CHARGER Motor on 26" Donz Wheels - 1080p HD
The Infamous Kut Da Check Chevrolet Caprice Classic, with the Pro Charged engine sounding like a jet! New wheels on it.. Box Chevy sitting on some DONZ staggered brushed and chrome 26's now. Still clean! And still sounds CRAZY! At Stunt Fest 2012 (Atlanta Motor Speedway) in Atlanta, GA.

Procharged box chevy caprice
Johnny B

Drag Fest 2k11 6.wmv
Kut Da Check Racing SBC F2 ProCharged Box Chevy on 26's testing at Head Hunter Dragway 8/13/11