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Caterpillar - D8 - Diesel - Cold Start - Cat - Tractor - WW2 - Normandy

Caterpillar D8-8R Built in Illinois USA in 1941 then shipped over to England to join 79th armoured Div 819 Dozer Squadron. This actual machine took part in Normandy and D-Day events. Filmed on 19th July 2008 at Barton under Needwood Steam Rally ( near Lichfield Staffs ) What you are watching is the start process needed before the Big Cats diesel engine can be started. The petrol driven starter motor ( donkey engine ) is fired up first. This generates heat which inturn is used to warm up the big diesel engine prior to starting. The action of the starter motor also builds up the oil pressure in the big diesel engine. When the required oil pressure has been reached you will see the guy activate the start mechanism on the diesel engine. Once she has fired up the primary petrol engine is shut down leaving the Big Cat Diesel engine purring away....Sweet


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1948 Caterpillar D8 First Start 2012
Cranking over the pony motor and lugging the big diesel to life for the first time since about August last year, then taking her out for a quick stroll. This Cat originally belonged to the Rocky View County shops for use when large objects needed a little tractive persuasion. Pioneer Acres Museum, Irricana, Alberta.

37419 Trying it's best to start in very cold conditions on the 8th February 2007 at Old Oak Common Depot LONDON UK. The temperature on this date was -01c - 30.21F . The power unit is clearly COLD hence the reason it is struggling to start.It does start once the cylinder temperature rises around the 1:12 min mark. So,Please, Please stop telling us all how cold it is in your country this video is not about that.All comments made about how cold it is in your country will be deleted,we are not interested.Thanks. "One Million hits" thank you all for the views.

Starting a TD-40
Starting my old TD-40 tractor

Caterpillar D8 - Vintage Working Weekend
1964 Caterpillar D8 filmed working the land at East Midlands Vintage Working Weekend, Commons farm, Braybrooke, Market Harborough. 15th and 16th August 2009 The theme was International & Caterpillar, working crawler tractors demonstrating the art of working the land. This CAT was the biggest one there, Caterpillar D8 H 22A built around 1964 dragging behind it a Sub Soiler / Ripper used to break up the sub soil in a field thus creating better drainage, usually used after the soil has become compacted. This video demonstrates the brute force needed to pull this kind of implement up hill and down dale, something the big CAT has in abundance... Driven by John Holman

John Deere 730 Diesel Tractor Start Up (pony engine)
1959 John Deere 730 Diesel with cranking engine (pony engine). Found tractor in central Illinois and restored to present condition. 1960 was last year that John Deere made the two cylinder tractor. This announcement shocked farmers, but was a good decision for John Deere. Best kept secret in industrial history.

Caterpillar start-up
Starting a CAT with Donky Engine. Tractor & Machinery festival 5.6.2004 Stoneleigh showground.

50 hp Fairbainks Morse Y Diesel Cold Start
Fairbanks Morse Diesl engine Cold start.. Owner just got the Aircompressor belted to the engine this year

Cat 992C Cold Start
Hey it's November 2013....what's that mean? FUCKING COLD STARTS!

Great Sounding Tanks.Bovington Tankfest 2008.
Crank up the volume,this video is for folks who love the sound of tanks and armoured vehicles.I filmed real close to the tanks,recording some awesome engine sounds,the air was full of engine fumes and dust,the perfect conditions for a great tankshow. http://www.tankmuseum.org/home.html

Cummins Diesel Engine First Start
STARTS AT 3:10 --- This engine and its twin were built by my father. He installed them in his 33' Bertram. Sorry about all the cranking. I meant to cut out a large section of that, but somehow I forgot about it. FAQ: Why is it white? It is common for boats to have white engines. Why is water coming out of the Exhaust? The engine is cooled by a continuous flow of seawater, or in this case water from a hose. It comes out of the Exhaust. Why is it cranking for so long? Is the starter fried now? The starter is fine. Everything was completely dry at the beginning of the video. It just took some time for the fuel to be delivered. Both engines are running (and starting) great over 5 years later. Thanks for watching.

Bulldog Dampf und Diesel 2013 - die Traktoren - historic tractor rally
Alle zwei Jahre findet in Markkleeberg / Leipzig das größte Traktorentreffen Deutschlands statt. Dann reisen die Oldtimerfans aus ganz Deutschland und auch den Nachbarländern an um ihre Traktoren auszustellen. Es finden dann Vorführungen wie Dreschen mit einem Dreschkasten oder das Zerkleinern von Steinen mit einem Steinbrecher statt. In diesem Film machen wir einen Rundgang über das Gelände und es gibt einige Traktoren bei der Fahrt zu sehen.

Bump starting a Caterpillar D8
So you stalled your D8...do you really want to mess with getting the pony started when there's another D8 around? 2 old Caterpillar D-8's clearing land at the National Pike showgrounds, Brownsville PA. The show will host the Historical Construction Equipment Association (HCEA) National (International) Convention in August 2008, and more space is needed for the large number of machines expected. Plans include a serious turnout of pan scrapers of all eras, and a Euclid TC-12 twin dozer. ...and of course 2 working steam shovels.

Caterpillar starting an antique compressor
Starting a D7 Cat engine in a Chicago Pnuematic compressor from the 40's for the second time after 8 years

Cold start ABC diesel, Belgium
http://www.stoomtrein.be . pleas do comment!!! A cold start of a 6 cilinder (type 6DXS) ABC diesel Algo-Belgian-Company, this is a preserated NMBS diesel loco in belgium typ 85 , it is property of Stoomtrein dendermonde Puurs Bilder: Anglo Belgian Compagny (ABC) -- Gent(belgiun) Engine type 6 DXS Working principel 4 stroke met overvoeding Injectiesysteem Direct Regeling van het vermogen Door regeling injectiedebiet. Starten van dieselmotor Pneumatisch, door middel van twee luchtdruk flessen van elk 30 bar, gevoed door een compressor type Nova 21 NS Nominaal vermogen 550pk Maximum draaisnelheid 680tr/min Cilinders - aantal 6 - Schikking In lijn - Boring 242 mm - Slaglengte 320 mm Massa 8,55T Injectiedruk max 220 bar Gemiddelde effectieve druk 5,5 bar Max koppel bij 5800Nm Gemiddelde zuigersnelheid 8,16 m/s

Cat D8 & challenger ploughing 2008
D8 with 10 14" furrows & challenger with 8 12" furrows,o.s.rape stubble and chopped wheat straw.2008

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