Mitsubishi Evo III 9 sec. drag

Cayman's Evo III pulls 9.5 sec on the 1/4 mile drag @Jamwest 2011 Follow me on Twitter @SHXN3

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Honda DC5 Vs. Honda DC2
Naturally aspirated honda DC5 races a turbocharged DC2 at Jamwest Speedway ; October 2011

EVO 3 CE9A Lancer drag
Early generation EVOs are becoming rarer by the year, so it was nice to see one at the last Calder Park Off-Street drag meeting. Calder Park, Australia - January 10th 2014.

Likkle T EK civic vs Toyonda Tadpole jamwest june 2011

Honda Civic EK 10 sec. Drag
Honda civic with B18 turbocharged pulls 10.3 1/4 mile @ Jamwest 2011