cox hoodride /kamikaze oldschool

3 cox de la team kamikaze oldschool

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Meu fusca 1969!

Radikalbugz :1st hot rod & custom show
Trip to 1st hot rod and custom show chimay 2012

vw käfer vw bug 1955' Dark Rust ovale 55
quick restore of my 55 bug from Belgium "hoodride" restart after 40years on farme! with same motor! resto rapide de ma 55 ,remise en route aprés 40 ans de stokage dans une ferme

My 62 slammed bug update
Started to get it back together after strippin it and cuttin it in for the clear. I think it turned out pretty good for somewhat of a rush job.We had a nice vw show here in lou ky called WATER BY THE BRIDGE i did make it to the show was spos to have a new custom interior in it by the show but that fell threw. Had to go to the show with one seat out of a buddies bug and no interior never thought id get 3rd place out of 30+ aircooled vdubs.It was a great show and a great day turned out over 500 cars bigger and better every year.THANKS 4 CHECKEN IT OUT