50 hp Fairbainks Morse Y Diesel Cold Start

Fairbanks Morse Diesl engine Cold start.. Owner just got the Aircompressor belted to the engine this year

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Cooper-Bessemer GAW Diesel Startup
Cooper-Bessemer GAW Diesel 100+ HP Startup + speed demo. Air start. Stumptown show, Sept. 12, 2009 MOV09295

Chicago Pneumatic 100hp Crank View

USS Silversides Cold Start
1941 Fairbanks Morse 9 cylinder (18 piston Opposed) First start up of the summer.

Hand Starting 1913 Fairbanks Morse Tractor 25 HP
I did a little tinkering today. I think it runs a little better. I am a little braver today also .I will be a lot better when I get the belt pulley and truck brake petal installed!