CL600 VS CL550 Drag race II

CLS 4.7 bitrubo V8 410bhp vs CL600 5.5L biturbo V12 517bhp

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"Before You Buy A CL550 Watch This!"
Follow me on Instagram @itsthebenzman let me know in the comments if you follow me and I will follow you back! Don't forget to like,comment,and subscribe for more content! In this video I give you key details on what to look before you buy A CL550... Another thing to mention is extended warranty if you can

C63 amg vs cl600
Cl600 v12 biturbo stock vs c63 amg stock

7 Things I Hate About My CL550 Mercedes!
Follow me on Instagram @3DThaRapstar I follow back Just Let Me Know In The Comments In This Video I bring you the 7 things I hate about my CL550! This is one of my favorite cars to date, it is nothing I really hate about this car I love it, This was my first experiment video to do on the CL, Just to see if people will watch, so sorry if my 7 things are not up to your liking, I make these videos for entertainment and to have fun!

CL63 AMG and CL550 Comparison!
In this video I give you a brief tour of the differences in the CL63 AMG and CL550. This is not a video about which car is better, this is a video showing the differences on each car as they are side by side. We are about to get CAR WRAPS! so stay tuned and don't forget to Like, Comment and Subscribe for more Content