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gsxr fi codes

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2004 GSXR dealer codes (error codes)
I noticed on the YouTube that there is a lack of videos for how to get a k4 Gsxr into dealer mode so I figured I would show you how to get your bike into dealer mode while in the process of checking my dealer codes and throttle position sensor on my bike (Sarah) Made via YouTube Capture

F1 light 2006 Suzuki GSXR 600

FI Light Fix
You will notice the ECU checking to see if the stock Exhaust is still there. When I first installed the FI Light Fix it would stop moving after a few seconds. But recently it just keeps "wiggling" and it won't stop unless the engine is turned on, or if the ignition is switched to off.

2005 GSXR C28 Fix
Step by step on how to fix your STVA. Do NOT attempt this if you are not comfortable with mechanical competencies, aka "you're not mechanically inclined" This video also shows you how to put your bike in "Dealer Mode" and shows how to jumper the wires yourself. Highly suggest you send your broken STVA to "TheGeek" he is on Gixxernation and If you so choose to do this job yourself I am not responsible for you messing it up. This is solely educational and not intended for profit or advertisement.