gsxr f1 codes

gsxr fi codes

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2006 Gsxr750 How to Check F1 light or Fl and Get Code Fast easy and Free
this is easy how to check the code and fix your fl light dont go pay someone that will charge you for this easy check also works with gsxr600

2004 GSXR dealer codes (error codes)
I noticed on the YouTube that there is a lack of videos for how to get a k4 Gsxr into dealer mode so I figured I would show you how to get your bike into dealer mode while in the process of checking my dealer codes and throttle position sensor on my bike (Sarah) Made via YouTube Capture

GSXR1000 FI light
How to get your codes when the FI (F1) light is onin a 2005 GSX R1000.

F1 light ignored it back fired don't let it happen to you.
F1 code ignore it back fired on me. I was on my way home I noticed the bike was losing power my rpms was marking 0 next thing you know it shut off. I noticed it was my rectifier.