Cryogenic Treatment of Engine Parts

Here's a little info about how cryogenic freezing of engine and suspension parts can dramatically improve their life and durability. (949) 631-6376

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Induction Heating Part 6: Cryogenic Case Hardening
Induction Heating Part 6: Cryogenic Case Hardening In this video I show you how to cryogenically case harden your low carbon steel parts. What you end up with is a material that has a ductile inner core with a hard outer shell. Parts that require impact resistance as well as abrasion resistance are great candidates for case hardening. Gears, Firing pins, Engine Camshafts, Lock Shackles, Security Fasteners, and Self Drilling Screws are all commonly case hardened. The method of case hardening used in the video is also known as carburizing with a cryogenic treatment. Liquid nitrogen is usually used but I used a isopropyl alcohol dry ice bath. Liquid nitrogen would provide even more benefits by converting even more retained austenite to martensite. Also, if you don't mind the darkness of the part after the hardening process, it's best not to polish it for even more rust protection. This process should mainly be used with low carbon and mild steels. Links to Equipment Used in the Video: Hardness Testing Files Circuit Cooling Spray: Locking Pliers With Epoxy Coating for Welding ZVS Driver Meanwell RSP-1000-48 Power Supply Litz Wire for Custom Induction Coils Graphite Crucible Temperature Meter 2000F(1300C) Power Meter 100V 50A Cast Iron Mini Skillet Aerosol Fire Extinguisher Black Gloves Bullet Connectors Cherry Red Case Hardening Compound nd-1-lb See my instructables account for step by step guides to some of my projects: Please support my channel to help me make more videos: FOLLOW: 300 Below Cryogenic Processing Overview 300 Below provides cryogenic processing and cryogenic tempering services for firearms, mining, tooling, military, brake rotors, motorsports, and metal objects using a liquid nitrogen LN2 based proprietary process. Based in Decatur, IL, 300 Below is the world's largest and oldest commercial cryogenics provider and has freezing parts since 1966.

MAG Cryogenic Machining - 2011 EMO and imX 2011 Teaser
Watch this great video summarizing the Cryogenic Machining demos that were on display at the recent EMO Hannover Show and the imX Event in Las Vegas! View the future of Hard Metal machining (Titanium, Hardened Alloy Steel, CGI, Inconel) as well as Composites machining with cryogenic through-the-tool technology... Cryogenic machining using the new, unique through-spindle, through-tool system cools the cutting edge more efficiently than ever before possible, enabling higher cutting speeds for increased metal removal, longer tool life or a blend of the two advantages. The liquid-nitrogen (-321°F) cooling system can also be combined with MQL (minimum quantity lubrication) to reduce tool friction and adhesion, enabling even higher metal removal rates or longer tool life. Ideal applications involve aggressive metal removal in the hardest workpiece materials, such as titanium, nickel-based alloys, and nodular or compacted-graphite iron (CGI). For more information, visit

an Engine after Cryo Heat metal treatment
Cryo cryogenically treats the metals for longer life by reducing the friction, and cooling thermal Temperatures for greater stability and longer life of all metals. treatment is a one time process that improves the entire structure not just the surface,and will not make parts brittle.