BSX 9.05@156.9!!!

New best for Brian and his BSX!

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How To Remove a Car Engine Like a Boss
This is the quickest way to get out any car engine.

Garden Pulling Tractor TESTRUN Civic turbo
garden tractor pulling TESTRUN civic turbo 250hp proeftrek

Drag Racing 2010 - Super Pro ET 1st round eliminations - NitrOlympX Hockenheim
Already one the last rounds of racing was the Super Pro ET class with its first round of eliminations. Among others we have: Ingo Ekert, Bert Gorselitz, Sascha Pretzsch, Michael Vogt, Alex Schmidli, Pascal Kohler, Patricia Kästner and Jan Scheppers

Mothers Show Talkin about Turbo Dodges
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