Caliber SRT4 vs Corvette

Caliber SRT4 mods: Stage 1, MPX Dp, PTP WG, PTP CLAMP, PTP 4" Intake, PTP small battery kit, turbo smart dual stage Boost controller, JMB Exhaust, HKS BOV running 22psi of Boost

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SRT-4 Caliber
Walk around of the srt4 caliber. mods are3.5"dp K&N Drop in NKG Spark Dual Exhaust Stage 2 Injectors Real Tune Map/Tip HKS BOV Stage 1 AGP Waste Gate AEM True Boost controller About 20psi With Street Tune AEM Wide band 350hp 370tq All Work Done By JMB

Friday the 13th Possessed Caliber SRT4
It is Friday the 13th...Of all things to happen strange on Friday the 13th, an SRT-4 Caliber came in with the windshield wipers freaking out. The gentleman walked outside of his work place to find it doing this. Notice the car is not running, nor are any keys in the ignition. The wiper controls will not work either. Tell me nothing strange happens on Friday the 13th and I will say BS! This was taken 08-13-2010

Caliber srt4 vs 2011 SS Camaro
Since so many people are butt hurt from results of the video I made so I have to approve comments to add to the more butt hurt. Get over it. CSRT4 mods. MS1 with Basic bolt ons. Camaro mods. Stock Computer Generated!

18psi clamped caliber srt4 (camera car) vs pontiac g8 gt from a dig
g8 was blown away from a roll. caliber has 300whp 310wtq on this tune. g8 claimed he had 300whp and 380wtq.