My Corvair-Powered Merlin

A short sunset flight in my Corvair-powered Merlin on Full Lotus floats. Only music is the sound of the engine :-) Also includes some footage of my new hanger door system. I installed the engine and fabricated the cowling over the winter. Very pleased so far - the noise and vibration levels are much better than my 2-stroke Rotax.

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Corvair powered Wagabond airplane
Dave "The Bear" Vargesko's Corvair powered Wagabond N707SV is shown in flight. He built both engine and airframe from plans. Dave works in William Wynne's shop, aka

Corvair car engine powered STOL airplane
This is a corvair auto conversion in the Zenair STOL CH 701 kit airplane from Zenith Aircraft Co., built and flown with the help of of edgewater, florida.

Patrick Hoyt - First Flight of N63PZ - Zodiac CH601XL-B with Corvair Engine
First Flight of N63PZ on October 27th, 2012 at Airlake Airport, MN. This is a modified Zenith Zodiac 601 XL-B, powered with a Corvair engine. I built both the aircraft and the engine, and I am the test pilot.

380 horsepower Corvair engine
A short look at the 2 HP per cubic inch normally aspirated Corvair