BROWN TA 10.59

brown trans am. brown sugar. drag racing

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Yancy @ San Antonio Raceway
first pass @ San Antonio Raceway in April 2008, after many modification to the 1979 Pontiac Firebird

twin turbo ta
1/8 mile pass

79 TransAm - E85 conversion Test n Tune
Running Test n Tune in a 79 TransAm after converting from 93 octane pump gas to E-85 pump gas. This is the first track outting since the conversion and every pass was a new best.

1979 Firebird - Into the 8's!!!
Dad's fastest and very last run to date. The impatient driver behind my dad did his burnout through the run, so you can't hear Dad's car at all. The "racer" driving the Mustang was at the 330' when Dad finished. (Ihave the time slip to prove it!) hahahaha