BROWN TA 10.59

brown trans am. brown sugar. drag racing

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brown ta idling
brown trans am just got off the trailer, brown sugar. drag racing.

Fast 79 Trans Am 20inch Boyd kickdown on highway
kickdown at around 60mph.

brown trans am launch front angle. brown sugar. drag racing

Reds 79 TA - At the Dyno for Final Tuning
We fine tune every engine we build at the Dyno after the engine is built, installed in the car, broke-in and then fine tuned at the Dyno based on timing, air/fuel mixtures, testing of air and Exhaust options. Along with any other customizations that need to be done. With Reds TA we had to rejet the carb, adjust the springs in the distributor and then just fine tune all settings to get to the 355hp. The factory Exhaust manifolds are the biggest restriction he has, which if ever replaced would make a dramatic change to his HP alone. But Red was going for a stock appearance with his engine compartment!