My Evo IX at TopSpeed

Doing 359whp 338tq with Kelford Cams, APR Head Studs, Buschur's TBE, Full-Race Exhaust Mani, AMS FMIC, Buschur's O2, AMS Lower Pipe, and K&N Intake; but most important, Doug's Tune.

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Evo 8 top speed run
40-180mph top speed run. 366bhp/349lbts. Evo 8 fq-300

Evo 9 Top Speed...
evo 9 un hızlanma videosu...

GT5: Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX GSR Top Speed Run
This is a stock 2005 JDM Lancer Evo, no upgrades at all. -287hp -2.0L turbo Inline 4 -1410kg -AWD 6 Speed -Gran Turismo 5 Gameplay

Buschur Racing Evo 8/9 Mini Battery Clarification Video
After some speculation and false claims of how bad this kit is, its fitment, etc... we put together this video to show just how false those claims are.