Subframe failure in 2002 BMW M3

Cracking / popping sound is coming from the torn subframe

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Quick Check: E46 Subframe Cracking/Tear
Welcome to ShopLifeTV! In this video I show you how to check a BMW E46 325i for subframe cracks. I also explain what subframe cracking is. Instagram: @ShopLifeTV SnapChat: @ShopLifeTV FAQ: How old are you? -20 What car do you own? -S54 swapped E46 Sedan What is your name? -Ankur but you can call me Jason Where is your shop located? -Alhambra, CA How can I contact you? -You can email me at or direct message me on instagram @ShopLifeTV Disclaimer: Not sponsored

BMW E46 M3 heavily cracked subframe - floor split - total failure - Part 1
This 2002 BMW E46 M3 Convertible has come into Redish Motorsport for our E46 M3 Subframe floor crack repair & reinforcement process - .html But it has cracked and split the Rear Axle Carrier Panel so much that a reinforcement is not an option. This E46 M3 will need a new Rear Axle Carrier Panel (some people call this the Subframe or Boot Trunk Floor). Also the internal boot floor panel is damaged and will either need replacing or remodelling and reinforcing using a stronger (but non OEM) option. THIS IS PART 1. Keep checking back for the next video which will show the car stripped down. For more info, ask a question below or contact Redish Motorsport via google.

MASSIVE E46 M3 Subframe Floor Crack Damage & Repair - Part 1
Lee had his E46 M3 sent to us (Redish Motorsport) due to the rear E46 subframe floor being badly damaged. You can see in this first 'part 1' video how extensive the damage is. Massive separation of the 'Rear Axle Carrier Panel' (aka subframe floor panel) from the chassis, plus it's also pulled and broken the 'Spare Wheel panel', and also pulled it away from the O/S/R chassis leg. We are showing the process of repair from start to finish. Part 2 being edited now and will be uploaded shortly. SUBSCRIBE to our channel. For more info - Redish Motorsport E46 Rear Subframe Repair & Reinforcement Process l LIKE us on FACEBOOK for regular updates:

HOW TO check BMW E46 M3 Floor / Subframe for Cracks (car in the air)
This video shows where to look on the BMW E46 M3 floor to identify any developed cracks. This video should be followed if your car is 'in the air' on a garage ramp/lift. NOTE: this will only expose if your floor/subframe cracks are advanced OUTSIDE of the subframe bush area. If you can't see any cracks, it still doesn't mean your floor is ok. To fully assess your floor, you need to lower the rear axle by at least 25-50mm to visually check the starting points of the cracks and/or spot welds. For more info, ask a question below or visit .html