How to check nitro engine for compression

How to check Nitro Engine for compression

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Picco P7 Evo 3 engine repinch.
Picco P7 Evo 3 nitro engine had lost compression, resulting in poor idling and developed tuning issues. Remedy repinch, so a custom made compression collar/ring was made from EN9 steel to repinch liner, which was a success. Hyper video soon to follow final stages of editing video.

How To Clean a Nitro Engine
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How to leak test a nitro engine
This shows how to make a leaktest of a nitro engine. In this case a Traxxas TRX 3.3 The same method can be used on any nitro engine. Make sure to clean it inside after this test.

Nitro Engine Compression: What it is and how to check it
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