How to check nitro engine for compression

How to check Nitro Engine for compression

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How to properly check Nitro engine compression
There are several different ways of starting a nitro motor but here is how to properly check nitro engine compression

Piston Sleeve Pincher resize Tool Traxxas 3.3 OS 2.1 - How to video
This video will help you make a piston sleeve pincher tool. Includes all the parts and measurements you will need. All parts were purchased at Ace hardware.

When Nitro Engines go BANG!
Nitromethane is a powerful fuel and when you run it in an engine, even a tiny engine like you find in RC Planes, then there's a huge potential for stuff to break. Here's a little look through my box of engines that have gone bang and a postmortem to find out why they failed. The engines I"m looking at today are: - The Russian MDS 61 FIRE - The Thunder Tiger GP61 - The Chinese SK90 All these engines were flown in the same airframe, an AT40 balsa trainer originally designed for a .40-sized engine (oops!).

Traxxas 3.3 Engine Failure
Sent the motor back to Traxxas already, waiting for it to come back so i can start making some vids =/