GMC Sonoma burnout (Part 2)

a burnout on a 98 4.3L sonoma

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GMC Sonoma burnout (Part 3) w/ tire blowout
Final burnout on a 98 4.3L sonoma

GMC Sonoma burnout (Part 1)
a burnout on a 98 4.3L sonoma

end of season burnouts
95 s10, 99 Mustang gt, 02 sonoma, and a couple civics playing around

Bagged Sonoma and Sound System
This is my 1999 GMC Sonoma. It is bagged with 18/20 combo rims, flip out, PS2, complete system, painted interior, second battery, alarm, sound deadener, out-door speakers, and more. The roof flex is with 2 layers of sound deadener already on it. The camera distorts the sound and doesnt capture all the flexing.