Chop Shop - Ford Capri (Part 2)

Part 1: Chop Shop [Season 2 - Episode 4] - Ford Capri with Lawrence Dallaglio

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Chop Shop - Lawrence Dallaglio's Muscle Car
Lawrence Dallaglio is blown away by the custom Muscle Car that the Chop Shop team have created for his retirement

Wreck Rescue - Ford Capri (Part 1)
Buy @ Part 2: Wreck Rescue [Episode 3] - 1972 Mk1 Ford Capri

Chop Shop - London Garage e08 p1
Leepu will convert a 60's MG car into a racer and will do a trial race in Brighton's Race Trials.

Chop Shop - The Perfect Grille
Leepu gets to work on his ideas, tweaking his designs several times to create the perfect grille to fit the front of the car