Turbocharged Capri drag race

88MM, 408, powerglide. 5.35@134 1.35 60'.

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514 mercury capri VS 408 ford mustang
sabotage vs 408stang (hugo vs rodrigo)

"Turbostang" 351W, Naturally aspirated - video1
This video is pretty old, but it shows my car back when it was a daily driver, still had all of the accessories etc. This video is when the car had an N/A 351W that was inteneded to be turbocharged - the kit was not built for the car at this time. Eventually the car went on to run 6.0@117. The engine had a custom cam, stock crank, rods and block and was full weight @ 3400#

Turbo Capri
The caprini worked on forever is now mine. Gonna make a few changes here and there, but will largely remain the same

Mercury Capri vs. FORD Fairmont Wagon DRAG RACE @ TMP
Drag Race from TMP featuring Crash's Capri and Fairmont City's Wagon. 1/4 Mile #1320