Google earth street view strange sighting

As the picture moves along the road the man sitting down has something over his head/back like a bucket or a bag/ chef's hat? Very strange..

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25 Strangest things Caught on Google Street View
Here are the top 25 Strangest things caught on Street View . Subscribe here for more great Top 10 List Videos! And don't forget to like and comment! *25 Strangest things Caught on Google Street View* For nearly six years, Google has given the world access to its virtual world known as Street View, a groundbreaking technology that allows users to get a 360-degree, panoramic street-level view of the world provided by its special camera-mounted cars that roam the streets photographing everything. This same service has been responsible for recording some of the most bizarre and wildest acts ever witnessed out in the open. Some of you might have caught wind of the public hand job captured early this week in Manchester, England. Others might have familiarized themselves with such fails by peeping our first feature of Ridiculous Things Caught on Google Street View. The next time you see Google's high-tech vehicles patrolling the streets, don't get caught in the act of doing something you'll forever regret. Here's a look at 25 More Ridiculous Things Caught On Google Street View. Seen any more embarrassing Google Street View photos? Post them in the comments below. *Source* At last year's Google Maps press event, Google announced it had captured over 20 petabytes of data from Street View images. Probability tells us at least some of that data is embarrassing, so we went searching and found the 25 most embarrassing Street View sightings in existence. *Watch more Top 10 Videos* 25 Strangest Things Caught On Google Earth: Top 10 Videos: *About SamOscarz21 Top 10 Videos* 10 Lists nonstop. The World´s most Interesting, Bizarre and Amazing Things / Facts. If you Want more, Please Subscribe! It FREE! It takes 0.1312156 seconds to press that subscribe button, so go ahead and become a part of the Army. When you are subscribed you will be the first one to know when i have uploaded a video. *Contact SamOscarz21 Online* Royalty Free Music by *More Information* Google Street view is an amazing way to explore parts of the world you've never seen, or maybe even revisit places to miss. But when you are checking out every street everywhere in the world, sometimes you come across WTF pictures that you can't explain. Here are some of the strangest, most WTF, and funniest Google street view pictures ever! You just never know what you'll see when checking out Google's Street View map function. Things got a little scary recently when one of the company's picture-taking cars came across a man in Detroit who pointed a shotgun at it as it drove by. But, most of the time, the odd things the cameras stumble upon are much less life-threatening. We went looking for some of the strangest and wackiest sights and found everything from dinosaurs hanging out in truck trailers to an escaped tiger. But, please, if you can explain to us what is going on in number eight, we'd appreciate it. Since Google began mapping the world with Google Earth and Street View, an entire pastime--Google mystery hunting and debunking--has cropped up. From unidentified flying objects to people with horse heads, there's no shortage of weird things that have appeared on Google Earth and Street View. Check out the funniest, most inappropriate Google Street View shots ever in the slideshow below. They're scandalous, shocking, surprising -- and probably true. Google is ubiquitous in our digital lives. Its algorithms deliver search results, email and YouTube videos to us in the blink of an eye. But there's one task Google executes that is remarkably analog. To collect imagery for Street View in its Maps feature, humans (remember those?) drive automobiles, affixed with a multi-lensed camera on the roof, all over the world.So what are the odds you're doing something zany right when the Google car happens to pass you by? Would you even know it if you saw it? Sometimes the car is clearly labeled, other times it's not. Regardless, now you won't be alarmed when you see a car with a large contraption on its roof, roaming your block. Feel free to photobomb the Internets by doing something silly while the Googlemobile is driving past.Google Maps is great for visiting places you've never been, driving directions, or searching for strange and usual sightings. We've compiled ten of the strangest for your viewing enjoyment after the break. Some of these just cannot be explained A nose-picker. A lonely baby outside a Gucci store. A naked German man in a car trunk. If you're thinking these three people have nothing in common, you are incorrect. With help from Google Street View, we found the link between these beautiful citizens of the world: They've all been captured by Google's cameras and uploaded to the massive project that is Street View.

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Also check out this creepy vid! Possessed Redbox girl What is this? Here I show you how to find it so you can take a look yourself. You don't have to think it's anything 'alien' or strange necessarily. Most people agree it seems to be an image anomaly and nothing more. Decide for yourself what you think it is and enjoy exploring! Google Earth coordinates: -70.177653, 87.824707 Imagery property of Google Earth