Google earth street view strange sighting

As the picture moves along the road the man sitting down has something over his head/back like a bucket or a bag/ chef's hat? Very strange..

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Google Street View - 100 Best Sightings EVER!!
If your interested in my videos, don't look at my channel, unsubscribe, click away - it's not worth it! This video is a 2 minute timelapse of the best images on streetview. To answer a couple of questions, I realise the video is too fast and I can only apoligise, sorry! I don't know what I was thinking with that - and secondly I did not find the images myself because that would be sad. I pretty much stole them from sites on the web dedicated to that sort of thing, hope you enjoy it, comment and thanks very much for watching.

Time to Wake up Google Earth secrets
A Video about some strange things i discovered in google earth... Please post your opinions. I am very interested in what you think about it. Downloadlink Song : Massive Attack - Angel Source : Google Earth and own opinions! Special Thanks to Google


A body caught on Google Street View! Picture a regular suburban street on Google's Street View... except for one jaw dropping addition. The body of a young girl! Lying face down on the sidewalk right next to the gutter. It is ten-year-old Azura Beebeejaun who was appearantly 'playing dead' next to her home in Middle Road, Worcester. The neighborhood was so concerned at the image that they informed the authorities. Azura stated: 'I didn't know anything about the Google Street View car (recording me). I fell over while I was playing with my friend and thought it would be funny to play dead. '...It is quite funny and I can't wait to tell my classmates when I go back to school.' Her mom, Saira, said her amusement cause a fuss between her neighbours.