Google earth street view strange sighting

As the picture moves along the road the man sitting down has something over his head/back like a bucket or a bag/ chef's hat? Very strange..

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14 mile long "THING" buried in Antarctica? - how to find using Google Earth
Also check out this creepy vid! Possessed Redbox girl What is this? Here I show you how to find it so you can take a look yourself. You don't have to think it's anything 'alien' or strange necessarily. Most people agree it seems to be an image anomaly and nothing more. Decide for yourself what you think it is and enjoy exploring! Google Earth coordinates: -70.177653, 87.824707 Imagery property of Google Earth

The most important picture ever taken
Images of the Hubble telescope and Hubble Ultra Deep Field image taken over 11 days

a ghost or an angel

Google Maps: Men Dragging Dead Body Into Lake
Coordinates: 52.376552, 5.198303 I have seen on a few websites that Google Maps supposedly captured "two men dragging a dead body into a lake." I decided to find out for myself, and sure enough, there is what appears to be two men and a dead body, along with "pools of blood". I have heard that it is just a wet dog, and the stains are just water. Let me just apologize for the poor quality of the video, I had no idea it would gain this many views, it is indeed a wet dog, which I did not know at the time, and when I said "I photoshopped it basically", I meant the red arrows and text, not the image itself.